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Coping With Pandemic & Exam Stress – Essentials Tips

Many students who had to make the abrupt switch to online studies when COVID-19 first appeared may feel as if they are hanging by a thread during this pandemic. And, as the virus continues to spread over the world, individuals who had intended to return to university may be dreading another semester of online lectures….

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UG JET Exam 2021 Deadlines Are Out!

UG JET Exam 2021 deadlines are announced! Have you registered yet?   Jain Entrance Test (JET) will be conducted from June 14th to June 17th, 2021.    Give your best shot and at the next stage, you meet our Deans!   Your global education is just two rounds away.

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Launching MBA Digital Business

HETIC is proud to launch our latest new-age program, MBA in Digital Business. This program will help students emerge into well-rounded professionals ready to take up challenges of the industry in diverse areas from retail to manufacturing to the service sector. The combination of subjects is designed to instill a multidisciplinary approach and thus train students…

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Digital Marketing

Digital Business Skills – Empowering you to rule the online world

Digital Business Skills – Empowering you to rule the online world! Be a part of the Digital Revolution with HETIC. Our new-age Digital Business program mixes three inseparable areas: technology, digital creation, and business management. This subtle blend allows our students to acquire a strong operational versatility. Our International Pedagogy is tailor-made in collaboration with…

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Digital Marketing

Digital Business Skills That Are In Vogue

Digital business skills, which were once considered a niche skillset, are now considered a professional requirement. Digital technologies are now part of everyday life and are being ingrained in corporate culture. It is critical for a company’s success to have a workforce that understands how to use them effectively. But, in the next years, what…

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Digital Marketing

Demystifying Digital Disruption – Dialogue with Dreamers

An innovative info-session on Demystifying Digital Disruption – Dialogue with Dreamers addressing the Gen Z digital aspirants of a leading school in Bangalore. Catch us live on 26th May, from 4 pm onwards.

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation for Business Agility

By Prof. K.Sasidhar, HETIC Digital Transformation is an apex driver for business organizations to maintain and supply value to their clients in exceedingly competitive and ever converting enterprise surroundings. Data is the new game-changer across the world. As per reports, data-driven organizations are multiple times more likely to be profitable. Data and analytics are critical…

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Master Class: Accelerate Digital Transformation

Broadcast Date: January 05, 2021 HETIC is extremely happy to conduct an online Masterclass on the hottest topic of the decade; Digital Transformation! No industry out there has been spared from the throngs of the disruptive power of the digital era.   Topic:  Accelerate Digital Transformation: Designing & implementing a Digital Transformation within Organisations   Students…

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Mr. Ravi Swaminathan Guest Talk Image

Guest Talk: Design Thinking and Innovation

Date: August 01, 2020 Mr. Ravi Swaminathan is an experienced FinTech Leader for more than two decades and a business consultant for Digital transformation process using Design Thinking concept. He has conducted numerous workshops for students and corporate communities to bring the concept of problem solving by empathizing with the audience. He also works with…

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Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Industry

Digital transformation is fast-becoming a necessity in the Indian healthcare industry. Despite rapid growth in the economy, the country still lags behind when it comes to healthcare. Lack of doctors, proper infrastructure, inadequate data security, and other issues still plague this multi-billion-dollar industry. So, how exactly will digital transformation solve India’s healthcare crises? The Healthcare…

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