The Annual Challenge 3D Real Time & Web Development

the annual challenge 3d real time web development

Overview: Conceptualization of a user experience enriched by real-time 3D the challenge of an intensive week for the Bachelor 3D Real Time and Web Development.

Understand constraints to better circumvent them and invent!

3D Real Time is an instantly calculated rendering method that allows high-quality interactivity. 3D Real Time is popular not only in the industry but also on the web (architecture and town planning, product design and marketing, simulation and learning, art, museography and heritage, entertainment, etc.). The only constraint to this solution is the support in which it is integrated because the calculation is done directly. It is, therefore, necessary that 3D graphic designers optimize elements so they can be displayed quickly.

With the evolution of hardware and technology, it is important for web developers as well as 3D graphic designers to work together to offer interactive and immersive solutions while maintaining good rendering quality.

The existence of a Bachelor in Real Time at HETIC – a major school of the internet – offers a unique experience to its students every year i.e. to create, in a week, a proof-of-concept and a web experience integrating a solution of 3D Real Time.

An intensive and collaborative week

The challenge – offered to first-year students of the Bachelor Web Developer in collaboration with their classmates in the second and third year of Bachelor 3D Real Time – is to conceptualize the vision of a user experience enriched by real-time 3D, realize a proof-of-concept, and then defend it at the end of the intensive week in front of a jury of experts.

The students are accompanied throughout the week by speakers acting as consultants on UX conceptualization issues, technical integration of real-time 3D content, presentation, and argumentation of a vision.

The 150 students involved presented 21 projects.

Many of these proposals are highly relevant and show an innovative vision of the future of user experiences.

The Human First Project

Among the most successful projects, we present the Human First project proposed and designed by Fiona Roux, Alice Gordwin, Virgil Caffier, Maeva Benzima, and Benjamin Adida.

The concept was to transform a part of the experience of a future prosthesis by offering the person a site that considers them, not as a patient suffering from a pathology, but as a human being in their own right: the challenge was to allow them to appropriate the prosthesis that will be an extension of their body via a unique 3D personalization experience of it.

The whole site emphasizes the challenge of putting people back at the centre of traumatic surgical practice by considering them and offering them a personalized experience.

Students with this vision were able to defend it with subtlety and finesse on a delicate subject and produced a proof-of-concept of a remarkable level.


HETIC, India’s (Bachelor of Management Studies)BMS in Digital Business program curriculum includes two intensive weeks where students envision solutions to problems and create proofs-of-concept.

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