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School of Internet professions brings together Business, Engineering and Design Schools

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  • About HETIC

    A quick introductory video about HETIC, the multidisciplinary web school.

  • The FIRST multidisciplinary school in the Internet world

    The founding members imagined an innovative school consisting of a subtle blend of technique, management and design, linked to the digital domain, with the aim of shaping multi-skilled profiles.

    HETIC offers 5 courses:

    3 Bachelors courses that enable students to access a level equivalent to a Graduate degree

    an MBA that enables them to reach a level equivalent to Postgraduate degree, and

    a Grande École course providing access to an equivalent level of Postgraduate degree .

  • No pathways, no options

    Because the world of Internet and multimedia is constantly evolving, and because most of the jobs and technologies that will be relevant tomorrow do not yet exist; our mission is to train the expert professionals who will be able to anticipate these changes and adapt to act in response. This valuable skill involves general and cross-functional expertise in three distinct but interrelated domains: web technologies, digital creation and management.

  • Students involved in pedagogy

    At the end of each term and at the end of every year, students from each batch are given the opportunity to evaluate the facilitators, the relevance of the subjects taught to them and the pedagogical functioning of the school. This is done through questionnaires and meetings with the school principal. These numerous exchanges allow us to be responsive and adapt our programs to the realities of the business world.

  • Three recognized certifications

    HETIC delivers three different certified degrees.

    »The Grande École course is awarded the title of "Expert in Digital Communication Engineering" at Level 1, recognized by the French Government*.

    »The Bachelor Web and Bachelor Web Marketing courses have been awarded the title of "Chef (fe) of Multimedia Project" Level 2, recognized by the French Government**.

    »The MBA e-Business and Management course is awarded the title of "Expert in Digital Strategy" Level 1, recognized by the French Government***.


    »HETIC - NSF 326n - Level I (Fr) 7 (Eu), registered with the RNCP by decree of 20/01/2014 published in the Official Journal of the European Communities 30/01/14.

    » (**) title of "Head of multimedia project" of Ecad consultants, IESA - NSF 326 - Level II (Fr) 6 (Eu), registered with the RNCP by decree of 26/05/2016 published in the OJ Of 07/06/16.

    » (***) title of "Expert in Digital Strategy" of IESA - NSF 326 - Level I (Fr) 7 (Eu), registered at the RNCP by decree of 24/05/2013 published in the OJ of 16 / 06/13.

    All these titles are accessible via the VAE.

  • Updating programs

    We must continuously be in tune with the requirements of the professional market. Besides assessing our students, we also bring our graduates and our partner companies together to review all our programs so that they are attuned to the demands and changing trends of the market. As a result 30% of our courses are replaced every year.

  • Project Experience

    Reality is the best pedagogy, which is why live projects are at the heart of the training given at HETIC and this is the reason why HETIC is an institute of repute. Each project has a team that is specially constituted to cater to the specific project requirements. This enables every student to try different job roles to improve his/her skills and discover the domain most suited for his/her expertise.

Associations within HETIC

  • Synerg'hetic, the spearhead of HETIC

    Synerg'hetic, the spearhead of HETIC

    Synerg'hetic is an agency that is entirely administered by our students. Its entire operations, be it audits, recommendations, achievements, everything is under the command of the quality commitment of Junior-French Enterprises.


    So'HETIC, the HETIC spirit

    So'HETIC aims to convey the values of HETIC. As the spokesperson for all the students of the school, its objectives are to foster and develop inter-year and inter-school exchanges through internal, cultural and sporting events.