Top 10 Big data CRM tools for boosting business sales

Big data CRM Tools

Customer Relationship Management also known as CRM can be defined as an organized approach for developing, managing and maintaining profitable relationship between an organization and its customers. CRM basically provides a central pool that ensures simplicity, security, and scaling of customer interactions.

Big-data customer relationship management is the integration of big data into an organization’s CRM process with the goal of improving customer service, calculating return on investment, and predicting clientele behavior. Because of the volume and speed at which big data is collected, giant organizations face difficulty understanding and organizing it.  To house and analyze large quantities of data and move towards data-driven decision-making, organizations adopt different tools and procedures.

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Here are 10 such tools that are used for organizing big data for better decisions.

1. Mulesoft

Mulesoft is a data integration tool that accelerates digital customer transformations. One of the powerful big data integration tools used by marketing professionals, this tool was designed to connect various data sources, business applications and perform analytics and ETL processes. This next-generation integration platform helps provide scalability and agility to businesses. Mulesoft organizations transfer and map data quickly and build integration in a markup language.

2. AeroLeads

AeroLeads is another efficient CRM tool that helps businesses find potential customers’ email addresses and contact numbers from various professional platforms such as LinkedIn, CrunchBase, and Xing.  It has an integrated email verifier that verifies emails before they are sent to prospects. With the help of AeroLeads, businesses can reach a large number of customers and get qualified leads.

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3. Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi is one of the most powerful big data integration tools that connects native applications such as Sales cloud, service cloud with other cloud and on premise applications. This tool automates manual data management tasks to ensure accurate data and faster business workflows.

4. Quip

Quip is a collaboration tool in CRM that comes with an integrated office suite. It is a standalone product to provide extensive sets of spreadsheets, charts, and documents. This tool helps organizations collaborate, import and export live data to enhance visibility.

5. MailChimp

MailChimp is another popular integration tool that allows organizations to build email campaigns using contacts and leads in their CRM. This tool provides detailed analytics that allows professionals to easily understand the leads records.  To sync data with MailChimp, the only need is to install the integration into an account.

6. Ebsta

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Ebsta is a leading integration tool to help predict revenue growth and sales growth of an organization. This tool helps professionals collect real-time sales engagement trends and historical performance, making sales leaders revolutionize forecasting and accurately predict their sales revenue.

7. Conga composer

Conga composer helps manage and update data by simplifying the process of document generation. This tool offers reporting options for better understanding of data.  It offers benefits such as automation, easy creation, distribution of files etc.

8. RapidiOnline

RapidiOnline is a robust and scalable data integration tool that allows organizations with seamless integration and replication data. Known as a highly scalable data integration tool, RapidiOnline helps sync data quickly, automate cross-system processes, and store & display the most valuable ERP data in a System. It eliminates the need for manual data sharing, resulting in accurate and more flexible insights.

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9. GetFeedback

GetFeedback helps businesses improve their productivity and work efficiency by getting real-time feedback from customers.  It helps receive instant chat feedback that in turn helps businesses improve their customer service, leading to actionable insights for more productivity.

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10. Panoply

One of the most popular data warehouses built by CRM technology, Panoply
automates data collection and query optimization. This tool helps in quickly syncing and storing data from multiple sources including accounts, contacts, campaigns, and events.





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