Top 10 hashtags for digital professionals

Digital Professionals

A hashtag is a word or phrase that is preceded by the pound symbol or the hash sign. On social media, hashtag indicates that certain content attached to it relates to a specific topic or a category. Hashtags help make content easily discoverable on platform searches and reach target people.

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The pound symbol also called an octothorp was initially limited to marking of numbers. The symbol was first used as Hashtag on Twitter in 2007 by Chris Messina, a web marketing specialist. Because brevity is essential on Twitter, he suggested using the “pound” or “hash” character common on phones to create groups of related Tweets.

Hashtags start with # but they won’t work if used with spaces in between the content and the hashtag symbol.

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Digital marketing has made it easier for businesses to scale especially during the Covid19 crisis. While there are many ways through which brands use their marketing strategies in order to understand and reach their audience, relevant hashtags are one of the most feasible options for maximum engagement, especially on popular social media on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

If you are also a digital professional and promoting your marketing product or service for maximum reach, then this list of top ten most popular hashtags could help you target the right people for your business.

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These hangtags would also help you find great advice, resources, news or solutions.

  1. #marketing


  1. #socialmedia


  1. #SEO

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  1. #contentmarketing


  1. #media


  1. #digitalmarketing


  1. #business


  1. #emailmarketing

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  1. #email


  1. #internet



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