Top in-demand jobs in digital businesses, 2023

From the front-facing digital marketing specialists’ positions to the backend developers and cybersecurity experts, there are plenty of jobs in the digital business kitty to offer. Content becoming king, literally, there is so much to explore within the digital marketing domain and what is empowering it more are the tools and software’s – all thanks to the emerging technologies and the software developers. Not to forget the UX/UI experts who are behind the unique experiences of building human to device interactions.

Considering how digital business are all encompassing and need specialists at all levels, we bring you some of the most growing job positions in the market:

SEO specialist

This role is crucial to a brands online presence and it’s active online channels. Search Engine optimization is a domain that is seeking specialists who are skilled in vernacular SEO to voice SEO. These are people whose job is to essentially send people to the right content they are seeking to find. This is done via the careful placement of specific keywords – high quality based on data, relevant content on website, articles, blogs – leading to increase the visibility of a brand on search engines like Google.

SEO specialists hold the responsibility for researching, identifying, and working with the keywords before the content is tailored to naturally include them.

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Data Analyst/ Digital Marketing analyst
Data analysts are key people who are always on the go to gather, align, organize, and interpret data sets in an order to help other teams find answers to their problems and solve a specific problem. It helps to closely translate data to –what works in marketing,

what the competition is doing that is working etc
and then using such crucial data points to help marketers -digital marketing more specifically to position the brand in a way that it brings leverage to the brand.

Data analysts are involved in building systems, setting up an updated infrastructure for collecting data, and pulling all results in a report to reflect to the team. This job is surely one that is data-driven and brings in a lot of insights.

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Content Strategist

Content today is one of the front row winners as a tool used for lead generation. This increase in content used towards lead generation also means the need for content strategist is on the rise. This role is within the marketing team and the person is required to develop a unique blend of strategy that will align with the customer’s needs, the brands need and also fulfil the marketing team agenda. Aim is to produce high quality relevant and up-to-date content that will attract the consumer.

This content can be a blend of various styles – infographics, visuals, long form or short-form content, creative visuals, videos, GIFs and more – anything that helps to build trust with potential customers and offers the brand an opportunity to increase the website traffic.

AI specialist

Maybe a new addition to the marketing team in digital businesses, but a key role that is increasingly sought after today. Artificial intelligence specialists have become significantly important for marketing teams as they help to build tools which scans data, user profiles to offer the best ways to communicate with the customers.

AI brings many ways of reaching a customer to the table – with an analysis of what will bring the most amount of success in percentage form and with the help of this data marketing teams are able to tailor make content to solve a user’s pain points and deliver to him specific content at the right time for maximum impact.

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Database developer

This role is responsible for developing plus maintaining the new servers, identifying business needs to find the best technology requirements that suits the business and troubleshooting servers. Database developers are skilled to troubleshoot databases, understand the best practices at play and what can be better and identify front-end user requirements.

They work with NoSQL databases, Oracle Database, big data infrastructure and other big data based search engines too. This role requires them to earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field so they are able to design database systems based on user requirements and are also able to write SQL code along with managing, developing the new servers.

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Systems security manager

This role is based on managing and leading a team of security administrators, analysts and related IT professionals – with the main goal to oversee the brands overall IT security. Considering the threat on our digital systems and network, this profile is increasingly in demand across global brands.

System security managers require a professional bachelor’s degree in information systems and a few years of experience with network security management. A lot of hiring managers also seek security managers who have certifications in CISSP or/and CompTIA Security.

Majority of these profiles revolve around technology and marketing specializations. If your aim is to work in digital business setups, we encourage you to check the BMS Digital business course offered by Hetic that brings in the trifecta learning of administration management, technology, and design.

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