Uber: Seeking to champion different modes of transportation in global cities

The ride hailing and service offering platform – Uber, has seen tremendous growth and continues to grow mainly due to their competitive offering that is both an in-demand and compelling product. Another key reason for their growth is the omni-presence approach making themselves useful in different forms of transportation and services along with their seamless multi-channel innovative marketing strategy.

Uber has their mission clear; they are here to stay and while they are, their aim is to reimagine smart travel in smart cities and to bring a key defining change in the mobility experiences in the ride-sharing and ride-hailing sector. Travel that is both seamless and enjoyable.

How they approach busy cities is crucial to their growth. When looking at the business strategy of the brand, we can see their approach in each city is unique and taken in as an opportunity to connect to their audience in new ways.

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Uber is essentially a transportation offering application that allows its passengers to book/ hail a ride for the customers and allows drivers to charge fares and get paid for the same. This ride-sharing process is a global phenomenon today. What started as a four-wheeler ride service has expanded to water, air, two-wheeler and much more.

Uber Boat by Thames Clipper

This is a river bus service that runs on the Thames in London. How does one take this service?
You can buy your ticket on the application, turn up at the pier and get ready to sail.
You can also buy your own ticket at the self-servicing ticket booths on the piers.

Uber made sure their presence was visible, enjoyable and seamless in London. Not only do you get to surpass traffic and avoid long delays, you get some of the most brilliant London city views on the boat.

This ride offers you fresh air, a cafe bar and next to live city views. It stops at 24 piers across the city and the service runs every 20 minutes throughout the day till late night.

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This product is meant for all who are seeking an affordable and quick ride.
It is convenient, easy to find – go on demand ride service.
This is a 2-wheeler service offering that is coined as UberMoto in India. A great service for the Indian towns and cities that have heavy traffic.

Looking to hop onto a bike or scooter from your home to work or from the metro station to the office or back home, UberMoto has your back. Easy, quick, and cheap option that is a hit with the Indian audience already. What makes UberMOTO great is:

– Helps you reach your destination faster
– Ride comfortably
– Spend less money

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Uber Elevate

One of Uber’s main focuses has been to capture air travel and offer quick travel in busy cities via air. Established in 2016, Uber Elevate has been working on laying the crucial groundwork for air ride-sharing – this is all about bringing together regulators, real-estate required, the technology development amongst other things.

In late 2020 it was announced that Joby Aviation will acquire Uber Elevate and the two parent companies will work to integrate their respective services into each other’s app to bring one seamless integration that offers ground and air travel to the customers.


Get your food delivered – contactless.
Restaurant takeaways, food shopping and much more is here with UberEATS.

Beyond their ride-sharing and hailing service offering, Uber Eats is another category of products that revolves around the concept of riding to deliver food. This is their rapid-food delivery service and has its own application for users to download.


While this venture has been closed down for now, UberRUSH was started as a business-to-business delivery service that had standing partnerships with global brands like Shopify, Bigcommerce and Clover.


Planning a virtual or large in person event?
Uber has you covered. UberEVENTS offer you opportunities to build your own events with many offerings like:
-Subsidized trips and/or meals for events with over a thousand attendees.
-Increasing attendance with promotions, like vouchers, complimentary meals – that can also be delivered.
-Paid trips to and from the event – you pay only for the trips made by your attendees.
-Trip for VIPs (on request VIP pick up and drop off service)
– Meal ordering for attendees and staff

This service is making its way fast into the wedding industry offering to host events, prearrange and pre-pay for transport for guests with many added services available.

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This service is changing care delivery services. This technology-based solution services are offered to provide stress-free, cost-effective hospital trips and healthcare deliveries for patients. They offer:
– Patient and caregiver transport
– Commute to healthcare workers
– Prescription and equipment material crucial deliveries
– Meal Delivery
– non-emergency medical transport network expansion
– Courtesy trips to and from clinic for clinical trial participants
– Offering trips and rides to senior citizens who can no longer drive themselves

It is not simply the product range or lines, but Uber applications user experience. This includes the overall system infrastructure, payment gateway integrations, driver and customers ratings, tip offerings, live location tracker service amongst other experiences – a whole revolutionary way of hailing a cab in our times.

Not just the Uber application, their overall omni-channel tactics are also part of the process. A great example of this is their partnerships with Facebook Messenger that allows users to request rides from within the app. Another example is how in a few cities Uber has also set up physical kiosks with breathalyzers – a great service for customer who are leaving a bar, club/ pub and have had a little too much for the night/ day to drive by themselves, the kiosk will help these patrons to book a ride. If this wasn’t enough there is also an Uber mobile game.

Uber has shown us a fine example of creating a customer-centric marketing strategy and merging it with the emerging technology.

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