Wearable tech shaping digital marketing career trends

Smartwatches, fitness trackers, augmented reality glasses and other wearable devices have emerged as a significant trend in our tech savvy times. These devices are becoming a common household name and have transformed our lives. They are now new avenues for digital marketers to engage consumers in personalized and innovative ways. It is also re-shaping the future of digital marketing and bringing in new opportunities.

Personalized marketing

Wearable technology offers marketers a chance to enhance user experience with personalized data like biometric information, activity patterns and location-based data. For marketers, this is a way to leverage data and deliver very targeted and customised marketing messages at the right time. Marketers can build offers, recommendations, and other meaningful interactions with the consumers.

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Behavioural Marketing

Let’s take the example of sports marketing.
Wearable tech allows marketers to understand fan behaviours, preference, and engagement levels – enabling marketers to deliver targeted promotions and offers to them. Based on patterns of behaviour of the user – this information helps to enhance the fan experience via marketing pushes – leading to enhance brand loyalty and revenue generation.

Wearable tech is becoming an integral aspect of sports community and hence this level of personalization based on behaviour patterns can significantly impact the success of sports marketing initiatives.

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Real time marketing

We can understand this with the example of healthcare and fitness industry.
Wearable tech provides marketers access to their real-time health and activity of users. By leveraging this information digital marketers can create personalized content, develop tailored wellness programmes, and make recommendations/offer tips to the users for their health benefits.

This level of hyper personalization helps the user to stay motivated and achieve their fitness goals while marketers aid to build a deeper connection between brands and consumers.

Location-based marketing

Let’s say you are on a long drive and are about to drive past a Subway, imagine your watch alerts you recommending an upcoming Subway restaurant to eat at with a 10% discount on your purchase at that very location.

With the help of our GPS enable wearable tech and its capabilities, location-based marketing opportunities are on the rise and what marketers are focusing on with the use if AI. Marketing efforts can be now towards sending personalized notifications, offers and promotions based on user’s real-time location – making campaigns more effective and time bound for users to act upon.

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Immersive experiences

AR/VR headsets and glasses are offering consumers a range of brand experiences where digital marketers can create interactive experiences and build engaging campaigns for users to visualize products, explore virtual environments and become part of immersive visual storytelling.

A travel brand can make use of AR glasses to offers virtual tours of popular destinations to its potential customers. This allows the travellers to preview destinations and make informed decisions about their trips.

For a digital marketer at travel brands, they can make use of AR/VR glasses to influence the travel choices for the potential customers and drive more bookings.

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Data collection

What is the one thing digital marketers love the most?
Take the example of a Fitbit that a customer wears 24 hours a day and takes off only to charge, offering marketers to collect a lot of data of their daily activities to build new content with.

When it comes to tracking data to learn more about their customers, digital marketers love the depth of information they can work with for wearable technology. It gives them access to a user’s behaviour patterns and real-time choices. All these amounts of a lot of data to work with and build new campaigns on.

This is an exciting time to be working with new technologies and building new disruptive mediums to interact with the consumers. It a time to ask the right questions and build models of personalized marketing that can offer users one-of-its-kind experiences and build loyalty.

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