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The internet has changed the way we lead our lives. From communication to travel, everything is now dependent on the internet. Imagine going one day, or even an hour, without the internet. Hard to imagine, isn’t it? It would seem as though the world has stopped without the internet. It’s hard to believe that the internet, which entered our lives a decade or two ago, has become an indispensable source of everything.

Several companies, understanding the power of the internet and its potential in marketing, have built their strategies around it. Some have separate business units dedicated to web marketing. Still others are even built on its foundation. Web marketing has become a vital cog in every business owing to its low cost and wider reach. A number of platforms with a significant reputation, such as YouTube, WordPress, and Facebook, are free to use. And companies are using these platforms in their marketing efforts.

What is web marketing?

Web marketing is a broad term used to describe any form of advertising carried out online. It differs from digital marketing in the sense that digital marketing is marketing on any digital medium such as mobiles, desktops, television, digital billboards, social media, etc. Web marketing is a subset of digital marketing where the medium is exclusively online.

Web marketing is further divided into the following categories.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): SEO is a method of improving the visibility of your website to search engines organically. This will ensure its ranking is high and, thus, improve traffic.
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing): This is similar to SEO except that you pay to rank on search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Content Marketing: Content marketing involves creating content readers may be interested in. Content can be in various forms such as lists, blog posts, videos, audio, infographics, images, etc.
  • Social Media Marketing: Simply put, this is marketing on social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Here, you engage with customers, build relationships, and then market your products and services according to their needs.
  • PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising): In PPC advertising, you create ads for your website, product, or service that will be integrated into your audience’s feeds. As the name suggests, you get paid every time they click the ad.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Here, you work with other businesses and promote their products and services online. The profits are then shared between the both of you.
  • Email Marketing: Email is one of the oldest, yet effective web marketing channels. It offers a means to market to only those prospects/customers who have given permission to contact them i.e. they have provided their email ID.

While these aren’t the only ways to market on the web, they are the most popular and generally used ones. Besides these, you also have inbound marketing, referral marketing, display advertising, and a plethora of others in the sea of web marketing.

What should you study?

Web marketing has become so easy that almost anyone can do it. But there are certain aspects of web marketing that only the well-trained are able to crack and master. Tools such as Google AdWords, Google AdSense, software such as Microsoft Dynamics, CRM, concepts such as PPC, SEO, SEM, etc. are all crucial skills that a web marketer should possess. Of course, the subjects of study depend on the type of campaign you are running, the budget, the organization’s strategy, and many other factors but it is good to equip yourself with the fundamental tools and concepts of web marketing mentioned above.

How much can you make?

Since web marketing encompasses various job roles, the salary too varies accordingly. And the more experience and skills you possess, the greater possibility of your salary being higher than average. To give you a brief idea, here are a few roles in web marketing and their salary range.

  • Digital Marketing Specialist: INR 1,53,264 – INR 6,02,723
  • Digital Marketing Manager: INR 1,86,162 – INR 11,27,764
  • Marketing Manager: INR 2,60,190 – INR 15,27,479
  • Product Marketing Manager: INR 3,07,505 – INR 22,09,574
  • Marketing Communications Manager: INR 3,62,927 – INR 15,42,227

HETIC’s role in your progress

The Digital Business program at HETIC enables aspiring web marketers to develop their skills and build a solid foundation in web marketing. In addition to this, HETIC also helps develop strong business acumen that will drive your career forward. You will learn vital skills such as leadership, networking, and people management that are vital to your career’s progress. This way, you are able to transition from one role to another, either in web marketing or otherwise, or even start your own digital venture in web marketing, with ease.

If a career in web development is what you’re looking for, then HETIC is the place for you! Apply now for HETIC’s 3-year BMS in Digital Business program and dominate the digital space.

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