Why choose Hetic’s multifaceted BMS Digital Business course?


Why choose Hetic’s multifaceted BMS Digital Business course?

Wondering which undergraduate degree to get admission in?

With a number of options available, are you confused what your go to course should be between BBA, BMS and BBM?

All three of these degree’s have their base set deep in commerce and aim to impart management education that has been in high demand over the past couple of decades. In theory, all three courses offer you similar core modules and specializations across the country. The table below helps us understand how the three courses are similar vs BMS in Digital Business at Hetic, that offers the perfect amalgamation of tech, management and design integrated into one degree.

To understand a bit more for each degree, we look into their nomenclature:

  1. BBA, Bachelor of Business Administration

  2. BMS, Bachelor of Management Studies

  3. BBM, Bachelor of Business Management,





BMS in Digital Business @Hetic


Business Administration

Business Management

Management Systems

Management Systems in Digital Business


Overall understanding of business administration and processes.

Learning to manage a workplace and organize as well as manage processes.

Business basics, administrative to management concepts and skills learning, process management.

Trifecta offering in:

Business management, design skills, tech based learning along with over all development of soft skills


Wide focus on business workings and operations

Wide focus on managerial operations, framework and development

Wide focus on overall business operations and domain specific operations and management.

Narrow focused to enhance your skill development in each of the trifacta offerings.


Accounting, HR, Marketing, IT, Finance, Entrepreneurship, International Business and more

Finance, IT, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Operations management and more

Finance and Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Digital Marketing, HR, Business Analytics and more

Design, IT and Management specializations: Graphic design, UX/UI design, web developer, Digital marketing, Business Analytics and more

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When making the final decision on what degree to pursue, here are some pointers you should consider:

  1. Your career aspirations
    Are you seeking a more specialized business degree vs a generalized business degree?
    Is your aim to learn how design, tech and management intersect in the industry to be future ready for multiple job opportunities? Boost your career with Hetic’s BMS in Digital Business. It offers you dynamic learnings on three leading domains of the industry; design, management and technology along with getting you industry ready with focused approach on specializations.
  2. Choice of University
    Pick a University/ college, not just the course.
    From a generalized degree in each of the three ( BBA, BMS, BBM) to specialization in a core area of the business. Pick a university that fits your career aspirations in the best possible manner.At Hetic, the strongest differentiator is offering a flexible approach to your learning process. Interactive, immersive and industry powered. Even if you are still in a fix to pick which degree, you can be sure that with Hetic’s BMS in Digital Business, the first year will help you indulge in a number of domains and modules that can help you pick your specialization for the next couple of years.
  3. Pedagogy and practical learning
    Do consider the pedagogy, course structure, practical learning options and specializations offered by the University over the 3-year period of the course. You need to ensure that the learning process during your bachelors is vital to get you to your goal. Industry is focused on practical learning and employing students that are multifaceted and domain specialists with an overall understanding of new age digital business practices and processes. Make sure you understand the offerings of a university and their pedagogy suits your learning style.If your aim is to be an allrounder, Hetic’s BMS in Digital Business offers you just that and then more. From having class sessions, to group tasks and projects to focused individual learning and personality building, this course will get you industry ready.
  4. Career prospects
    Would you like to have the choice of multiple work opportunities when you graduate? From design to IT domain, from business management profiles to digital marketing – what if you get to make the choice from any of these?Hetic offers you this opportunity with their multidisciplinary pedagogy approach, practical learning process, industry experienced faculty, guest speakers, group activities and soft skill learnings. Not to forget the flexibility the course offers for you to work in and also make a shift from design sector to hardcore business analytics and management.

BMS in Digital Business at Hectic offer’s a multifaceted degree with career options in three domains; Tech, Design and Management.

In our global and increasing dynamic world, digital businesses are here to stay for good. BMS in Digital Business at Hetic is designed keeping in mind the careers of the future. Bachelor of Management Studies in Digital Business with Hetic will enable students to understand the scope, depth and issues of digital businesses with the best ways to tackle them analytically with tech, design, management and strategy. The course brings in immersive and interactive learning as well as application of management theories via case studies, research findings and comparative perspectives on the management of digitally operating firms.

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Core management subjects are focused on the Internet economy sector.

In year 1, a student will:

  • Gain comprehensive understanding of core business modules and design concepts ( Management concepts and principles, Managerial economics, Quantitative techniques, Macro Economics, Accounting, International Business and a few more)

In year 2, a student will:

  • Immerse themselves into depth of the core specializations in business domains namely marketing, human relations, branding, finance etc.

  • Learn about the internal and external business environments with a goal to deepen their knowledge on the internal process and functioning of the company.

  • Focus on communication skills and strategies that remains to be a major challenge in business entities.

In year 3, a student will:

  • Indulge in learning essential skills such as Business Law, Salesmanship, Media, Cross-cultural leadership, Branding, Digital marketing and more.

  • Broaden their expertise in leadership and strategic thinking.

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To be a good manager or working professional you will require soft skills, management knowledge and keep in tune with the latest tech developments. A degree in BMS with Hetic will not only impart these skills to you, it will also give you many opportunities and job options to choose from for a rewarding career. Throughout your 3 year degree with Hetic, you will also gain soft skills that key for global firms during recruitment cycles. These soft skills include:

  • Teamwork

  • Creative and analytical thinking

  • Communication and reasoning skills

  • Flexibility and adaptability

  • Problem solving skills/ Solutions-oriented approach

  • Strong work ethic and empathy

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At the end of 3-years with Hetic, you will have the opportunity to pick a career in one of the following; Design, IT, tech, marketing or management domains. Some career opportunities after completion of BMS in Digital Business at Hetic are:

  • Digital Marketing Professional

  • Digital Business Entrepreneur

  • Data/ Market/ Digital Analyst

  • UI/UX Developer

  • Web and mobile application developer

  • iOS/Android Developer

  • IT Consultant, Project/ Program Manager

  • Digital Marketing Manager/ lead

  • Social Media Manager/ Lead

  • Graphic Designer

  • Data Designer

  • Motion Designer

  • Web marketer

  • Search Engine Marketer/ Optimizer and more.

If you are seeking that competitive edge, Hetic’s BMS in Digital Business is your answer. What further sets Hetic’s BMS in Digital Business apart from the other BBA, BBM and BMS is its holistic approach in building a future leader and all encompassing pedagogy to immerse a student into the new age industry careers by flexibly building the course in tandem with the industry trends and needs.

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