Women lead climate tech start-ups to know

Climate change is no new news for our world and many sectors are all hands on to help fight it. Many climate-tech start-ups are focused on building practices across sectors that are eco-friendly, sustainable and less dependent on the depleting resources of our planet. In this climate tech space, the role of female entrepreneurs has been imperative and one that holds immense potential to offer the world both improved results and drive social change that helps to reduce emissions.

We at Hetic aim to highlight the female founders and entrepreneurs in India and globally who have been acting as a strong inspiration and building climate innovation services/ products. Here are some climate-focused women:

A. Laura Zapata – Clearloop

Laura is the CEO and Co-founder of Clearloop corporation that focuses in the field of energy, renewables and carbon offsets.

ClearLoop is based in the US and works with other companies and with consumers to offset their carbon footprint, to help clean up the grid and to ensure that plenty of communities gain access to clean energy through solar projects. They work with three simple and easy pillars of – Measure, Reclaim and track. With measure they offer small/ big brands the opportunity to decide which carbon emission they are ready to offset first and then reclaim the same by building new solar capacity that also expands into offering access to clean energy. With track they can receive progress on how much energy is produced.

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B. Allison Dring – Made of Air

Allison is the CEO and founder of Made of Air that works in the field of Green Materials and GHC capture.

The brand works on turning waste biomass into carbon neutral materials. In the brands own words, they ‘make carbon-negative materials that can transform products in mobility, consumer goods, and the build environment.’

Their materials are claimed to lock in more carbon dioxide to help them drive a net-zero economy. They look at carbon more as a solution to a problem and offer products that permanently lock in CO2 for each ton they produce, making it carbon negative. Further, the brand is built for scale solutions that can transform other brands products at scale and reduce Scope 3 emissions.

C. Anastasia Volkova – Regrow Ag

Anastasia is the CEO and Co-Founder of Regrow Ag that works in the field of Agtech – an essential climate action area.

The brand works with science and technology with the notion that agriculture has the power to reverse climate change. They have a unique software system that enables them and their partners to transform farming, food systems and further the future of our planet. They work on enhancing sustainability – holistically. No matter what someone’s role may be in the food system, Regrow offers products and platforms that are designed to enable key changes in the workings that help to unlock sustainable food production. They have an independent monitoring, reporting and verification system (MRV) that allows scalable data collection and transport data verification for all its participants.

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D. Jasmine Samantat – Samawat Energy, IEA

Jasmine is the founder, CEO and analyst at Samawat Energy, IEA that focuses in the field of energy and renewables.

The brand works with a strong focus on Africa and provides them with an energy grid that offers affordable solar system based solutions. The brand works with mobile payment technology with a pay-as-you-go method to provide cost-efficient solar systems for the rural sections of our society across the continent. Their affordable solar systems are offering off-grid residences, small businesses, and communities in Somalia with the aid of micro-leasing and rent-to-own systems. They make use of the most innovative technologies that help them to meet the customers’ needs more than ten folds.

E. Annalee Bloomfield – Sustain.life

Annalee is the CEO of Sustain.life that work in the field of GHG emissions reductions.

They work with a focus on working to make business decisions with the environment in mind. They offer the world the opportunity to work with a comprehensive sustainability software for every business that helps them to future-proof their business by also fighting climate change. This software of theirs is carbon calculation and sustainability management software that empowers and enables businesses of all sizes to meet sustainability targets.

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F. Christie Obiaya – Heliogen

Christie is the CFO of Heliogen that works in the field of fuel, energy, and renewables.

In the brands own words, they are decarbonizing the industry with concentrated sunlight. The brand is a renewable energy technology company that is unlocking the power of sunlight to replace fossil fuels. They have their own developed system where AI-enables, modular concentrated solar technology that is focused to deliver cost-effective, carbon-free energy in the form of heat, power, or green hydrogen fuel at scale. They develop a concentrated solar solution that utilizes advanced computer vision software to precisely align an array of mirrors, reflecting sunlight to a target on the top of a tower.

G. Tanya Barham – Community Energy Labs

Tanya is the CEO and founder of Community Energy Labs that works in the field of energy management and smart buildings.

The brand harnesses power for good. Their modern building control solutions are making smart energy management and efforts of decarbonization both accessible and affordable for community building owners. Their model is offering quick savings and low upfront costs. CEL’s smart building control solutions – monitor, learn, and adjust building energy use to meet goals of their clients. Its predictive and adaptive making use of IoT and SaaS platform that helps the virtual engineer to control buildings setpoints, schedules, air quality, comfort, and energy use.

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H. Nupur Agarwal – Evolve Foundation

Nupur is a social entrepreneur who aided to breathe life into a ghost village simply by starting a cottage industry in the village. She revived the Tauli Bhud village of Uttarakhand – in both social and economic context. She is also a mentor with Atal Innovation Mission – a government of India’s flagship initiative to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Her mission is to empower the people irrespective of their background, religion, or caste to rise above their hardships and build a sustainable livelihood for themselves.

Are you aware of any female-lead teams, start-ups or companies that are working towards building climate-positive solutions? We are all ears and would love to know more on working solutions that are helping to build a more climate positive world around us.

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