5-year Integrated Master in Digital Leadership Program

Year 5: Entrepreneurship and the creation of innovative enterprises

The Opportunity to Make a Start

During the work-study period, 5th year students work in teams of 5 to develop a business plan that will rely on operational technology that can be used over the Internet or mobile Internet. Each week, different experts validate each stage of advancement at a rapid pace. A real challenge and a rare experience!

Course Curriculum - 5th Year

    • New trends 
    • Innovative technology
    • From idea to product 
    • Data Management Platform
    • From concept to company
    • Strategies of leaders of the internet 
    • Economic intelligence
    • Financial aspects of a business plan 
    • Pre-validation 
    • Economic models
    • Entrepreneurship 
    • Management and strategy
    • Technical and production support 
    • Last concepts in marketing
    • Real-time marketing
    • How to present a business plan 
    • Week of concept validation
    • ICT and entrepreneurial law 
    • Communication strategy 
    • Experience feedback
    • Artificial intelligence 
    • Growth hacking 
    • Connected objects
    • Environment of development 
    • Technological finalisation
    • Legal advice
    • How to pitch and convince
    • Opportunity and concept 
    • Offer, market and competition
    • Economic models 
    • Week of financial validation
    • Business plan et executive summary
    • Business Support
    • Elevator pitch (10 teams) 
    • Financial and legal finalisation 
    • Final review  (10 teams)
    • Final defence