Part two: Achieving UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) with digitization

The global interconnectedness via the internet and spread of communication technologies has offered humans a great deal of potential to achieve and accelerate their own growth + the overall society growth. These technologies are helping to bridge the digital divide and aid in the development of knowledge societies. Our previous article featured how these communication…

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Quotes – Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg is the founder of Automattic, the company which owns reputed brands like, Gravatar, Akismet, and Tumblr. He also runs an angel investment firm Audrey Capital which supported 30 companies.

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Tech Les Faits

In the 19th century, Europeans started using the term Technik ( german) which meant “a way of doing”. Later with the advent of the scientific revolution, the term attained a broad usage and encompassed all scientific knowledge, tools, and practices.

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2023 Digital Marketing Trends

The dynamic and versatile nature of digital marketing keeps us all on our toes pushing us to adapt to the new reality. With the help of modern new tech – digital marketing has become transformative for businesses offering them to reach new markets and sectors. Based on what has worked in 2022 and keeping in…

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Quotes-John Chambers

John Chambers led Cisco to a leadership position in the technology frontiers. He remained the CEO of Cisco from 1995-2014. He visualized the future as a time when “data, voice, and video would be delivered over a single connection in our homes.” Chambers employed the strategy of growth through acquisition while at Cisco.

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Tech Les Faits

The term Octothorpe was coined by Bell Labs in the 1960s. Octo (or 8) refers to the eight points in the figure.

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Quotes- Bill Gates

Bill Gates was a college dropout. He wrote his first software program at the age of 13. He has donated over $50 billion to charitable causes. His full name is William Henry Gates III.

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Uber: Seeking to champion different modes of transportation in global cities

The ride hailing and service offering platform – Uber, has seen tremendous growth and continues to grow mainly due to their competitive offering that is both an in-demand and compelling product. Another key reason for their growth is the omni-presence approach making themselves useful in different forms of transportation and services along with their seamless…

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Quotes – Steve Jobs

Steve jobs can be considered one of the pioneers of using cannibalization to grow an organization. Every product of Apple (which was superior in design) was consecutively followed by superior versions replacing the older ones. According to him ” If you don’t cannibalize yourself, someone else will”.

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Martech trends of 2022

It has been a year of accelerated adoption of technology in the marketing sector. Emerging technologies are a key factor in making digital and cloud technology adoption faster and quicker. Brands continue to turn towards technological solutions in their daily marketing efforts that aids them to have more efficiency in results. This is what Martech…

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