Explore HETIC’s History

2001: Conceiving the idea of HETIC

In 2001, the Internet first made its appearance in France. Sensing that this new sector was the harbinger of major changes in society, our founding members created an innovative school where technical knowledge combined with management and design principles is applied to the digital field, giving birth to new multi-skilled profiles. Thus, HETIC was born.

2002: First comeback with 17 students

In October 2002, the school opened doors in France to its very first students. 17 young people intrigued by the Internet, which was still in its nascent phase in France, joined the exciting journey at HETIC. And the class of 2005 was born! Three years later, 15 of them graduated and opened the job market to their successors. They trusted us and made it possible for HETIC to become what it is. We owe them a lot.

2004: Creation of Synerg’hetic, our Junior-Entreprise

Established in December 2004 by Vithia Chip, Synerg’hetic gained entry to the restricted circle of the Confédération Nationale des Junior-Entreprises or CNJE under the Junior-Création brand, in 2005. Level I renewed for 5 years A remarkable rise In 2006, it became a Junior-Entrepreneur and was awarded the “Best Hope” tag before obtaining the Junior-Enterprise label in June 2007. It then won the Communication label in 2012 and has been among the top 30 Juniors since.



2008: Launch of the 1st and 2nd year of HETIC

When it was established, HETIC proposed 3 years of studies, which students could join after completing two years of undergraduate study. This would make it possible to obtain the first Master’s degree in the Internet, in France. By 2008, the school had decided to expand its curriculum over five years. Getting Level I At the same time, HETIC obtained the Level I certification by the CNCP (National Commission for Professional Certification), thus giving the HETIC degree a national recognition.



2013: Elected as the benchmark for all web schools by Le Figaro

In an article on the state of the Internet market, Le Figaro graded the best French web schools. The ranking includes ITUs, private schools, public schools and young schools in the Internet. We had the pleasure of seeing HETIC in the first place. Ranking of web schools 2013 Le Figaro explains that recruiters appreciate the level of Master studies at HETIC, which is recognized by the French Government, and the pedagogy which favours the professionalization of students.



2014: Introducing 3 Bachelors Programs and 1 MBA Program

Until now, HETIC had been providing a unique training by the experts from Internet-related professions for 5 years. In 2014, the school broadened its array and introduced 4 new programs, including three Bachelors and one MBA. The Bachelor’s program is of 3-years duration and is open for candidates after completing Class 12. Parallel admission is possible after +1 / + 2 / + 3 years after class 12. The MBA is a 6-month program and is open to candidates who have completed + 4 / + 5 years after class 12.

Level I renewed for 5 years “Expert in digital communication engineering”. This level I Master’s degree has been recognized and certified by the State for the second consecutive time according to the Ministry’s decree dated January 20, 2014, announcing the registration of HETIC’s degree in the National Directory of Certifications Professionals in the Official Journal on 30 January 2014.




2017: HETIC opens in India

With the aim of developing around the world, HETIC opened its first school out of France and choose Bangalore in India to do it. The first Indian students will start class in 2018 and will write a brand new page of HETIC history.