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Broadcast Date: September 19, 2020

Computer Science is by far the most popular choice for a degree for most students after class 12. The main reason being that it’s a medium that most are familiar with and are able to master more easily than others. Of course, there are many other courses that catch the fancy of students based on their career goals.

BMS (Bachelor in Management Studies) deals with the managerial and business aspects of a particular field. A B.Sc. on the other hand has to do with a lot more technical properties and roles. If your goal is to become a manager or entrepreneur, then a BMS is your best option. Besides, it lays the foundation for pursuing an MBA. B.Sc. degrees also provide a good foundation for a technical role in top organizations. But which one is the right course for you? Why should you choose one over the other? These questions are answered in this invigorating talk.

In this webinar, our Dean, Lalit Ojha, will help you differentiate between a BMS Digital Business and a B.Sc. Computer Science degree. He explains how these two degrees offer varying career paths and which one will take you on the entrepreneurial route.

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