The business promotion has been a challenge in today’s scenario with traditional advertising. To overcome such challenges web marketing is used as a tool to find cost-effective routes to potential customers using the internet and social media platforms.

This process can cultivate an online presence in a much better way to share and market your business idea to everyone on the web. There are few specific benefits of using web marketing to list –

1)            Using the internet to establish connections with your target audience is quite cost-effective.

2)            Audience centric approach of web marketing makes it quite focused and dedicated in some  ways.

3)            Web marketing is quite an effective way to build trust and relationships. You get a better chance to connect to the audience to address issues.

4)            Web marketing can provide an approach to a larger audience in an easy way.

5)            Web marketing provides a multi-channel marketing approach, as it can attract different people available on different platforms on the internet.

However web marketing has been quite beneficial along with the above-mentioned points, it would be unfair to remain unaware of some drawbacks about it. A few of them are as follows–

1)            Sometimes customers or website visitors may find it necessary to develop an interaction with dealers or marketers for satisfaction.

2)            Since web marketing is being an easy way to target customers, it becomes quite competitive on occasions, to achieve visibility among many similar products.

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3)            Security might be another issue for web marketing, as it is required to offer deals to customers.

4)            Customer satisfaction will be one of the challenges as well; it requires a good navigation facility and customer-oriented services for inquiry and after-sale services.

Web marketing types mainly involve search engine optimization (on-site and off-site both), Email marketing, pay-per-click advertisements, blog marketing, content marketing, and social media.


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