The spearhead and the expertise of HETICians

The spearhead and the expertise of HETICians

Student associations lend pace to the daily life of HETIC students and provide them with additional services. These entities are based on Law 1901 and are fully managed by students

Synerg'hetic, the spearhead of the school

Synerg'hetic, The Spearhead Of The School

Synerg'hetic operates as a young entrepreneurial structure, entirely administered by students. Audit, recommendations and achievements, its approach follows the quality commitment of French Junior-Enterprises, and allows students to practice what they learn at HETIC. Synerg'hetic is one of the top 30 Junior-Enterprises in France since 2010, winning the Label Meilleur Espoir in 2006 and the Label Communication in 2012.

Louis Piechowiak
Louis Piechowiak
Chairman of Synerg'hetic

The 11 Directors of Synerg'hetic engaged in outreach and sustainability of the Junior-Enterprise. The organization is intended to bridge the gap between customers with real digital issues and the already competent students, for constant knowledge upgradation. Customer satisfaction is at the core of all our concerns. It is essential to implement the rigour, responsiveness and the passion that are inherent to us. The role of the president is primarily to ensure the coherence of the objectives of the Junior-Enterprise in the long term. My duty is now to preserve an approach that always focuses on excellence, to ensure the evolution of your projects, and guarantee you a quality deliverable.

- 2016 :Label Entrepreneu
- 2016 : Top 8 of the Juniors-Entreprises de France 2016
- 2015 : Juniors Challenge Partners with JE Skema Conseil Paris
- 2012 : Label Communication
2012: Label Communication
- 2007: Award of the Junior-Enterprise brand
- 2006: The Best Hope Label
Previous presidents of Synerg'hetic
- 2015-2016 : Justine Peyrot, P2017
- 2015-2016: Justine Peyrot, P2017
- 2014-2015: Laure Bétaille, P2016
- 2013-2014: Anina Munch, P2015
- 2012-2013: Michael Couzinet, P2014
- 2011-2012: Renaud Bressand, P2013
- 2010-2011: Robin Llopis, P2012
- 2009-2010: Olivier Chatel, P2011
- 2008-2009: Arnaud Maurer, P2010
- 2007-2008: Wilfried Toutain, P2009
- 2006-2007: Charles Bernard, P2008
- 2005-2006: Bruno Ambregni, P2007
- 2004-2005: Vithia Chip, P2006
So'hetic, the know-how of the school

So'hetic, The Know-How Of The School

So'HETIC is an association of 1901, established on February 13, 2007 with the aim to convey the values of HETIC, the Grande Ḗcole of the Internet. It represents and is the spokesperson for all our students. It promotes and develops inter-cultural and inter-school cultural and sports exchanges and organizes internal events. So'HETIC is a federation of students, all in the spirit of cohesion.


Blas, président So'hetic
Kaan Roussel
President of So'hetic

So'HETIC spearheads the diverse know-how. Thus, being a part of this association makes me want to unite and nurture all students as experts. We manage and create a wide variety of events that are meant to increase the inclination to become an accomplished student of our school. Each of our students is an ambassador of HETIC. And my role as president of this association is to ensure that our values are conveyed so that each year the motivation to improve the daily life and the integration of the new students, grows and endures. This helps create passionate and exciting memories for the students of this school.

The previous Presidents of So'hetic
- 2015-2016: Blas Alviz, P2019
- 2014-2015: Julien Govtepe, P2018
- 2013-2014: Justine Peyrot, P2017
- 2012-2013: Romain Bonvallet, P2015
- 2011-2012: Michael Couzinet, P2014
- 2010-2011: Laurane Giudicelli, P2013
- 2009-2010: Steven Chatenet, P2011