Testimonials from Students of HETIC

Olivier Morvan Co-founder of BendNote I wanted to start off fairly early during my studies. HETIC has been an accelerator, notably through the training and business plan of the 5th year, as well as the internships.
Jean-Briac d’Augustin Motion-designer, 3D In 5 years I have become a player in the evolution of my profession, and HETIC has allowed me to imagine the possibilities of the digital world, and my passion for creation has pushed me to explore new disciplines.
Laura Fraysse Digital Project Manager Project management is not just about scheduling. It is anticipating demands, organizing resources and dealing with unexpected events. HETIC trains us in this. Mysteriously though, most of it is not taught in the program!
Benoït Vidal Co-founder of Dataveyes Systemic thinking and operational excellence make HETIC a unique school, which has allowed me to embody a project that has become an internationally recognized company today. Benoït Vidal founded Dataveyes with Caroline Goulard in 2010, while he was still a student at HETIC. Dataveyes is now recognized for its special expertise and has won numerous awards for entrepreneurship.
Kévin Josselin Group Leader at BigYouth HETIC has taught me 2 things: the expertise that is essential for an easy entry into the professional world; but more importantly the invaluable skills for working in an agency or in the world of entrepreneurship.
Alexander Sigoigne Co-founder G4Interactive HETIC has enabled us to understand and lay down entrepreneurial foundations, especially in the context of business plans. The working methodology and the renderings trained us in the management of an entrepreneurial activity and the right questions to ask to create a company. The school has put us on the path of entrepreneurship. Plus, the HETIC network, including its alumni, has greatly helped us to commercialize our solutions and have new business opportunities.
Elsa Secco DA and Motion Designer With limited graphics skills and a rather poor palate where I mixed purple with orange, I joined HETIC in 2008 with the ambition of becoming a Project Manager. But the role models at the school and a psychologically disastrous internship as Project Manager pushed me to persist in this career and to work with Photoshop on trackpad, unfortunately for Martin Charpentier! I did my apprenticeship at OWNI as an interactive designer. Then last year, I realized that I wanted to make videos, and more precisely motion design, I made my first showreel and, 3 weeks later, I landed a job as a DA/motion designer at Biborg. I worked with a fabulous team, where human being and quality were the two keywords. Within 2 years, I was working for brands such as Playstation, Warner, Disney, etc. Then in 2013, I took off to Asia, where I travelled for 4 months. In Sydney, I started working as a freelance Motion designer. After graduating, Elsa left for Australia where she worked as a Motion Designer.
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