HETIC’s 3-year BMS in Digital Business

Because of the continuous evolution of the Internet, most of the jobs and technologies that will matter tomorrow do not yet exist. With this in mind, we train the best experts, who are capable of anticipating these changes and adapting to respond to this changing environment. This valuable skill involves general as well as cross-functional expertise in three distinct but interrelated domains: web technologies, digital creation and business.
Since the course is aimed at successful induction into the corporate world, each student systematically applies his skills and expertise through intensive sessions, real web services and the development of a business plan.


Key points about the school

Professional integration

98% of students secured a full-time job before the end of the program. They all have major roles in small or big companies across the world.


HETIC works with more than 4,000 companies from various sectors. We are also proud to work with the best technology companies in the world like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Uber, Deezer, and Air France.


Our students and graduates work on all 5 continents. The program gives them the necessary skills to move abroad with ease.


HETIC has more than 800 alumni around the world. It offers students to often find a counterpart in their dream company or dream job which will provide them more information and opportunities.


80% of students become freelancers only two years after they start the program. HETIC gives them the ability to easily find clients and work on real projects by themselves.

Hands-on experience

With more than 12 fictive and real projects per student on average, the program is definitely project-oriented. Teamwork and interactions with real clients help students to improve their technical and behavioral skills.

A mix of a business, an engineering, and a design school

No major and no options. The program mixes three inseparable areas: technology, digital creation, and business management. This subtle blend allows our students to acquire a strong operational versatility.



Program details

The fundamental foundation

The first year is essentially focused on the basics with the objective of acquiring a solid foundation in web development, web design, and marketing. The first year also focuses on general knowledge as well as openness to the world.

The professional credibility

The second year deepens the technical basics and confronts students in project management with real business cases. It allows to broaden this theoretical knowledge and puts it into practice through many projects.

The technical expertise

Once the technical basics have been acquired, they must be opened, deepened and used optimally. The third year allows students to develop their own expertise while keeping an open mind to other digital domains. Skills are tested through ambitious projects for large accounts, and 6 months of internship that can be done abroad.

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