Global Brands Leading Sustainable Technology Solutions

Technology and sustainability are keywords for providing innovative solutions to our modern-day global issues. As a collective, they are a powerful alliance that is driving positive change with its ability to offer solutions to achieve the global UN sustainable development goals. Leading businesses to address environmental challenges and climate changes. With the use of technology, businesses are now designing resilient solutions that are sustainable and circular in nature. Offering companies, consumers, and overall communities’ the tools to tackle modern-day issues.

Several global companies are offering technology-based-sustainable solutions today that aim to bring in social advancement and environmental progression.

What is Sustainable Technology?

Sustainable technology encompasses solutions that aim to reduce the environmental impact across industries, especially in IT. It works across infrastructure requirements to create sustainable IT solutions. This means using the power of information technology in a manner that minimizes the environmental impact and maximizes long-term sustainable solutions. Involving a combination of strategies and practical tools, sustainable technology involves offering a range of solutions like:
i. Energy consumption and efficiency
ii. Recycling and upcycling waste
iii. Water conservation
iv. Smart grids
v. Recycling
vi. Carbon capture
vii. Energy storage solutions
viii. Green architecture, and more.

In this article, we highlight some of the leading global brands offering a diverse range of sustainable solutions to promote economic growth, social advancement, and environmental progression.

Brands Offering Leading Sustainable Technology Solutions

a. Cisco

Cisco is a digital technology powerhouse that enables people to make powerful connections across sectors. The company is known to make continuous investments in sustainability-focused R&D that leads them to create new technology solutions to reduce waste and conserve resources. The brand has a tagline of ‘Powering Sustainable and Inclusive Growth’.
Where they offer innovative technology solutions like:

– Hybrid Work solutions to reduce commuting and traveling that benefit the companies and the planet.

– Smart Buildings that bring in energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.
– Sustainable networking across manufacturing switching and routing to wireless solutions.
– Sustainable Data Centers that evolve and adapt to ensure optimized application experiences and sustainable operations.

b. IBM

This American multinational technology giant is known for its unperturbed contributions to sustainable technology. IBM is actively engaged in strategies for preserving natural resources, mitigating pollution, and reducing climate-related risks. The firm has made heavy investments in its R&D to build innovative technologies to minimize waste and promote resource conservation. IBM Garage for Sustainability is a leading example of the brand’s initiatives to offer clients sustainable tech-led solutions across:

i. Digital farming platform to find resilient solutions to feed a growing planet
ii. Reducing landfill waste with AI-powered solutions
iii. Empowering Smart Grid solutions. Scaling Electromobility without peeling the power grid. Encouraging energy efficiency solutions.
iv. Halting mobile deforestation with real-time analytics and more.

The brand coins its IBM Garage for Sustainability as a leader in innovation and transformation for a sustainable enterprise.

c. Siemens

Undoubtedly one of the biggest players in offering the world sustainable enterprise solutions, Siemens is a technology giant transforming industries. It has emerged as a leader in the sustainable technology market with its 360-degree approach to transforming businesses across all its stakeholders into a sustainable one.

The brand believes in IoT, Digital Twin and AI being technologies of environmental transformation. The brand offers clients solutions to achieve energy efficiency, decarbonization, and sustainability goals. Siemens offers various services and project management solutions to transform businesses into sustainable ones. Such as:

i. Sustainability at IT where the brand builds a digital backbone to accelerate sustainability with a holistic IT architecture for clients.
ii. Decarbonizing the supply chain with programs on the supplier side along the value chain.
iii Offering Climate Risk Assessment for finding energy efficiency and energy performance of Buildings directive, etc.

d. Accenture

Accenture specializes in IT services and consulting across the globe. The brand understands the need to reduce the harmful side effects of the wide-scale use of technology. Leveraging its pivotal role in making sustainable solutions. The brand makes investments in embedding sustainable solutions across its consulting projects. Using the tagline Sustainability in our core: Built-in, not bolted on.

Accenture helps clients with:

i. Sustainability in technology: This helps clients to take technological and managerial measures radically reducing the negative impact of client’s technology footprints.
ii. Sustainability by technology: Accenture offers digital solutions to clients to help reduce the negative carbon footprint.
iii. Sustainability at scale: Accenture here aids clients by collaborating with strategic partners to support their sustainable journey.

e. SAP

The global software giant is known for developing state-of-the-art software to manage business operations and customer relations. SAP has a division that focuses on sustainability solutions known as SAP Sustainability. They offer clients company-wide functionality and industry-specific features to incorporate sustainability in business at scale. They offer sustainability management solutions like:

i. Sustainable solutions and ESG reporting: Where clients can monitor progress, and gain insights and dependable sustainability data.
ii. Climate action solutions to reduce the carbon footprint across the value chain based on actual business transactions with products like SAP Sustainability Footprint Management.
iii. Circular economy solutions that help clients incorporate circularity into their supply chain and create corporate sustainability models with products like SAP Responsible Design and Production, SAP Green Token, etc.
iv. Social responsibility solutions to understand the impact of client’s business on people and society

Other brands offering sustainable technology solutions are:

a. Schiender Electric with its leading sustainability reports, climate change advisory services, and more.
b. Microsoft with its sustainability manager which records, reports, and reduces the client’s sustainability footprint

These brands are multi-national companies leading the sustainable technology solutions movement. Their portfolio of service and product solutions highlights the growing need and demand for sustainable technology solutions in the global market. As these brands lead the systematic change in our business ecosystem, they play a pivotal role in transforming and shaping the future for environmentally conscious business setups. Building systems and practices for businesses that are resilient, mitigate climate change and foster a positive impact on society.

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