Metaverse: What it means for businesses?

What is Metaverse? Meta Universe or better known as Metaverse is a futuristic vision of the internet. In simple words it is a comprehensive reality that is an amalgamation of augmented and virtual reality. It has been loosely defined by many experts, however, the best way to understand is that it is an extensive world…

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5 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

In this era of online businesses going online, the competition to be on top of the game also increased for brands. With that comes obvious snares and pitfalls along the way. If you are a digital marketer and want to market your business successfully, then you must identify these pitfalls and rectify them at the…

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5 Ad-rem Skills To Improve Employability In Digital Space

Digital skills are vital for employees in the present era, especially for people who primarily work on digital platforms. It is important for employees to have both hard and soft skills to grow in a cross disciplined scenario. Here are 5 Ad Rem skills you can get accustomed to increase your employability in digital space….

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5 Indian CEOs Ruling The Global Tech World

Indians are making their remarkable contributions to some of the world’s largest corporations, inspiring millions of minds across the globe. It’s because of their marvelous work towards these organizations that India is now known as one of the massive sources of IT expertise serving some of the world’s most prestigious corporations. Here are 5 leaders…

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Did you know?

“We can’t be in survival mode. We have to be in growth mode.” Jeff Bezos Hetic, French school of digital leadership trains students to make them capable of anticipating change and have the ability to adapt and react accordingly. In order to acquire this particular skill, a comprehensive and cross-disciplinary approach is essential, notably in…

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