The Role & Impact of IOT Devices in Digital Marketing

While many technologies are transforming digital marketing sector, one that is truly changing it is Internet of Things (IoT). It offers brands new ways of gathering, integrating, and evaluating information on customer behaviours and patterns. IoT devices such as smart gadgets, smartwatches, and smart home devices are gathering data for brands. IoT gadgets also range…

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Digital India Future Labs Initiative by the Government of India

India’s digital leap forward has been led by both the private and public sectors. Both work in tandem to support each other via disruptive innovations and policy frameworks. From a government viewpoint, there have been significant and bold transformations on the digital front. New acts, initiatives and interactions are launched like Digital India that aim…

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5 Leading Trends in SEO Marketing

The dynamic waves in technology and rapidly evolving consumer behaviour are changing the SEO marketing dynamics. The SEO landscape has witnessed significant changes bringing in new trends for businesses to explore and master. The new trends demand marketers and SEO professionals to become updated with the latest algorithm updates across platforms, advancements in AI technology,…

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Global Brands Leading Sustainable Technology Solutions

Technology and sustainability are keywords for providing innovative solutions to our modern-day global issues. As a collective, they are a powerful alliance that is driving positive change with its ability to offer solutions to achieve the global UN sustainable development goals. Leading businesses to address environmental challenges and climate changes. With the use of technology,…

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What Is a Digital Ecosystem? Components and Significance

In the fast-paced realm of digital technologies, users interact with brands across multiple touch points. Like mobile applications, websites, social media platforms, AR/VR gaming, Metaverse realm, Email, Newsletters, and more. A digital ecosystem is an amalgamation of these diverse touchpoints. When we get down to it, a digital ecosystem is a complex network of people,…

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MBA After BCA: Is It a Good Option to Do?

In today’s competitive job market, new graduates seem to be considering about the possibility of engaging in further studies in order to enhance their position in the work field. While MBA is a rewarding degree to pursue, one must consider all the aspects including individual career goals, financial and personal circumstances. In this blog, we’ll…

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