Achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals with digitization

In 2015 the United Nations in their Sustainable Development Summit set out an initiative of 17 goals that is directly to target and fight poverty, inequality and injustice while also tackling climate change. These are known as UN Sustainable development Goals (SDG) – commonly known as UN SDG’s – set to be achieved by 2030….

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Top tech acquisitions of 2022

Mergers and acquisitions have become a common practice in the tech world. Most acquisitions have a global tech giant absorbing a smaller brand or an upcoming start-up that has come up with something unique that the giant can use in its overall offerings. There are also mega-mergers where one giant is seeking to buy-out or…

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Indian tech start-ups to watch out for

When we look at the investment figures that go towards building start-ups in India, the trajectory shows us a clear sign on how start-ups in India are a booming industry. Here is a small glimpse of how the sector has grown from the viewpoint of investment raised over the past few years: 2018 – $6.6…

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Leading digital payment gateways in rural India

The push towards a digital economy in India is now focused on its growth in rural sectors of the country. The Indian Government along with multiple players in the payment gateway sector are coming up with various initiatives to help ease money transitions for the rural population from cash to digital. Some of these methods…

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