What is Mobile Marketing and Its Strategies?

Imagine you spending an entire day without your smartphone! Smartphones are friendly gadgets that have, thanks to technological innovations, become pocket-friendly convenient devices. One’s that assists individuals in most of their daily activities. Becoming an integral part of our daily lives. Today we run our business, meetings, and calls via them. We stay updated on…

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Top 8 Indian AI Startups to Watch Out For in 2024

The Indian economy has been evolving with rapid digital changes across sectors. When we make note of the Indian technology and digital business sectors, there have been some extraordinary developments. Which enhances the country’s expertise in many technical domains and brings better prospects for enhancing the quality of life for people. Keeping in mind AI-led…

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What is the Digital Public Infrastructure?

‘Digital public infrastructure (DPI) could help India become an $8-trillion economy by 2030, according to a report by the National Association of Software and Service Companies (Nasscom) and Boston-based management consulting firm Arthur D Little International’, as Mint Live reports in their article. The article further states that the successful adoption of mature DPIs (those…

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Digital Experience Marketing: Why Brands Should Embrace It

Our daily lives are intertwined with various digital mediums. From Alexa’s wakeup alarm to meeting reminders, various mobile applications, smart watches, smart appliances, fitness devices, laptops, and tablets. As technology takes over every sector, our engagement and immersion in the digital realm is becoming unprecedented. Offering brands a unique chance to create storytelling experiences across…

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Digital Business Unicorns from India

Did you know there are 113 unicorns from India on the global list? Inc 42. reports in its article that ‘India is now home to 113 unicorns with a combined valuation of more than $350 Bn.’ India is in a booming digital sector with both the public and private sectors engaging in digital entrepreneurship and…

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