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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing & UI/UX is a promising industry with rapid career growth. Digital marketing in short is the marketing of one’s products, ideas or services through digital channels and mediums.

Since the Covid-19 crisis pandemic hit the world, digital marketing was adopted by companies as one of the most effective ways to conduct marketing campaigns without losing on the number target audiences. For this very reason, the rise of marketers shifting to digital marketing became distinct post Covid phase. Digital marketing truly helped businesses sail through this crisis and re-establish themselves in the market.

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According to a study carried out by Statista, the digital advertising industry across India had a market size of around 47 billion in the year 2015, which went up to have a market size of around 199 billion in the financial year 2020. This figure is expected to go up to 539 billion rupees by the financial year 2024.

The study implies that digital marketing activities are being used by businesses tremendously and to run these activities smoothly, they need skilled professionals which in turn indicates toward a positive career scope in the area.

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Since digital marketing is a dynamic industry, one is expected to be updated with the new technologies to be called an expert in this field. There is a plethora of options for those who want to work in digital marketing. Those who have a knack for writing can select content writing and become an UI/UX write, the ones interested in designing can consider becoming graphic designers, ones with analytical mind can choose to Data Analysts and so on.

As a part of digital marketing there are a multitude of UI/UX jobs in the market with new roles popping up every year.

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Here are 3 demanding UI/UX careers that one can choose as a part of digital marketing.

 UX Researcher

UX researchers focus on recovering in-depth research insights into the needs and motivations of the audience that a company is targeting. They closely work with product development teams to identify common research queries and plan user surveys and customer interviews to find the answers. They are also involved in conducting studies to understand user behaviors and attitudes.

UX Copywriter

UI/UX writers craft all sorts of copy and content that a user would encounter while interacting with a website or a product through social media.

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Information Architect

In many ways, information architects act as digital librarians of the UI/UX world. They ensure that website content and products are organized well across a digital interface to create a more positive user experience for brands.

Information architects often work with UX researchers to understand the needs and expectations of target audiences.  In simple terms, Info Architects decide what information should be the best fit on a website and which data should be given priority to increase traffic.

User interface and experience can cover different operations for brands. Therefore, a certificate in UI or UX designing can provide work opportunities in any product development domain.

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If you are thinking of starting your career in digital marketing, learning a few digital marketing skills from a renowned institute is the first step to enter into this field. Laying a foundation for your practical learning into the field of Digital Marketing and UI-UX, HETIC, India has recently introduced its 11 month Advanced program. As a part of the unique French pedagogy, HETIC conducts their classes by a mix of French and Indian faculty and industry experts. To check out HETIC courses, log on to to get an in-depth idea about their curriculum.

So, if you want to be a part of this rapidly growing industry and grow with it in the coming decade, up skill yourself WITH HETIC and apart from learning, secure jobs at recognized organizations with attractive CTCs.









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