Classroom Activity at Hetic: Business Communication

Classroom Activity at Hetic Business Communication

The Business Communication course is designed for students to develop their ability to communicate effectively in English, both spoken and written, which is essential in today’s competitive global marketplace.

The course introduces phonetics and techniques for speech improvement and accent neutralization, focuses on grammar and vocabulary specific to various business domains and also familiarizes the students with business etiquette and correspondence as future working professionals.

We ensure their learning goals are met in fun and engaging ways, which include exercises and assessments, role plays, case studies, and research and presentation on business-related topics. We allow students to express themselves creatively and guide them throughout the transition process, from being a student to a highly adept individual in the corporate space.

On completion of this course, we assure that students walk into the business world with more confidence and knowledge that will make them stand out in any organization.

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