Cure.Fits multi-channel digital content strategy is a health and wellness brand that leverages digital technology. It offers comprehensive solutions to individuals seeking to lead a healthier life. They offer a wide range of services and products that focus on the overall well-being of an individual. The brand is known to have gained prominence in India for its holistic approach to health and fitness. They make use of technology to build their wide range of content, especially digital outreach content. 

Digital content plays a pivotal role in our modern communication and marketing. It encompasses a broad spectrum of website-related content, podcasts, and social media platforms. Today digital content serves as the foundation for conveying information, building brand value, and engaging with the audience. Whether you engage via a blog post to educate, a video to captivate and entertain your audience, or social media posts to spark a conversation, digital content is the lifeline of communication strategy. It enables businesses and content creators to connect, inform, and influence.

As technology influences all sectors, digital marketing, and communication have become more refined, tuned, and hyper-focused. Marketers are now able to build custom emails, newsletters, and texts to target various segments of customer groups. With the use of the many tools available thanks to the evolution of technology in digital marketing, has garnered the attention of its audience.

In addition to their physical centers across the nation, they have various digital offerings to keep the members engaged. Here’s how they have excelled in various digital avenues:

Outreach @ Cure.Fit

Diversified channels of outreach

Cure.Fit is making use of multiple social applications and channels like;
i. Podcasts: They have launched their own health and wellness podcast that reaches a new audience segment who engage in audio content. It is called The Health Project Podcast. You can listen to this on the popular music application Spotify.
ii. YouTube: They make use of the popular channel for vlogs, YouTube. Offering their audience, a wide range of informative and engaging videos on fitness, dance, yoga, mindfulness, and nutrition. 

Strategic partnerships

Cure.Fit believes in the power of a collection. Collaboration is their key development strategy to gain new market segments. Here are some examples:
i. Corporate tie-ups: The brand offers corporate curated rates where their employees can gain access to their variety of fitness and wellness programmes. They also run corporate wellness programmes to broaden their reach to employees of various organizations.
ii. Influencer partnerships: Another key area of intervention for has been their partnership with various fitness and wellness influencers. Helping them to build credibility and expand their reach in the digital space.

Data-driven personalization

Known for their curated, unique, and exclusive newsletters, makes use of enhanced algorithms to offer highly personalized fitness and nutrition plans. Making use of the user data they identify behavioural triggers for conversions and tailor communication accordingly to their defined customer segments. This can range from exclusive membership plans, discounts, and perks to regular customers, making their offers appealing and hard to miss.

Engagement @ Cure.Fit

CULT.LIVE- Online fitness classes

Known as Cult.Live on their application, the brand has been a pioneer in offering seamless access to online fitness sessions since before COVID-19 lockdowns. A strategy that became their core focus and success during COVID-19 lockdowns. They ran live and on-demand fitness classes like yoga, strength and conditioning sessions, dance workouts, and more. Users can join these sessions from the comfort of their homes on their phones, laptops, or TVs.

Fitness professional and global sports star sessions

To keep their audience engaged offered unique sessions from global superstars in sports during lockdowns. These ranged from Boxing lessons by Mary Kom, strength sessions from Brett Lee, and High-intensity interval workouts with AB Devillers, to dance sessions with Nora Fateh. Keeping the excitement alive for their audience by bringing new content each week.

Local event engagement

Cure.Fit runs various events throughout the year to engage with its audience in different cities and towns. Hosting regional fitness challenges, yoga marathons, and dance fitness events to draw the local communities into the Cure.Fit ecosystem.
For example: Nora Fateh, Hrithik Roshan are a few celebrity names who often hold dance fitness sessions in cities like Delhi and Nagpur amongst others.

Gamified challenges

A digital strategy the brand focuses on is introducing gamified fitness challenges that engage users by encouraging competition and consistency. Members of cult can share their progress on social media, and their internal groups leading to a boost in user engagement and brand visibility.

User check-in’s

The brand checks in on user journeys with the help of technology.
For example: If a user has been active for their workouts for 4 weeks, the brand sends out a ‘congratulations athlete’ email to the user for being consistent in taking care of their health.
Another example is how they actively keep their users engaged with various digital badges like 2 lakh calories burned, 20,000+ mins of workouts, 30-day workout streak, 500 classes of workout, etc.

They also actively seek feedback from users and implement changes based on the user input. For example, post each session, the user can fill in the feedback for the trainer, the gym facilities, the gym equipment, etc.

Cure.Fit has built a comprehensive approach to facilitate outreach initiatives, engagement, and conversion. Solidifying their position as a leader in health and wellness in the digital realm. They offer mental wellness support, nutrition, and diet guidance with personalized meal plans. Their digital strategy is diverse, innovative, and agile focusing on user needs. The brand works with a simple strategy focus:
•Content: Have more content variety spread across diverse channels like newsletters, emailers, texts, podcasts, YouTube, ClubHouse, and more.
•Personalization: Personalize content to tailor diverse user interests and fitness goals to enhance engagement making use of digital technology tools.
•Exclusivity: Provide exclusive offers to members and new audience members and incentivize sign-ups.
•Frequency: Have consistency in their content. Regular newsletters, podcasts, check-ins and more.
What makes them relevant in our digital age is their ongoing commitment to a customer-centric approach that ensures audience engagement beyond the physical gyms.

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