Top 7 Digital Skills That Make Students Easily Employable

The increasing demand for digital literacy in our modern business world offers young professionals a wide spectrum of career opportunities. As brands are fostering a culture of digitization across their various departments, it’s becoming essential to gain digital skills to stay relevant. Brands are working to streamline their operations and workflow using AI, working with AR/VR for immersive experiences, and employing RFID and NFC technology for transparency in supply chain operations.

What are digital skills?

Digital skills enable one to use digital applications, devices, and networks. To access, manage, and control their use. Digital skills enable professionals to run crucial business operations like managing customer communication, social media, digital marketing, communication applications, generating leads, increasing brand awareness, and converting interest into sales.

Why digital skills are Important for students?

Our world is deeply engaged in online research, seeking information, shopping online, and consuming digital content such as Instagram reels, TikTok videos, YouTube videos, and more. Each aspect involves digital skills. Think social media management, data-driven decisions for new products, understanding application algorithms, website development, UX/UI interfaces, and more. Since each function is now deeply rooted in digital tools, students need to adapt themselves to a dynamic digital skill set to enhance their employability.

Indian government initiatives

We can learn from the government of India’s recent initiative how essential it has become to master digital skills.

Skill India Digital is a government of India initiative launched on 13th September 2023. It’s a fine amalgamation of the Digital India and Skill India initiatives. It has a simple mission to:

a. develop the skill set of Indian professionals in an innovative, accessible, and personalized way.

b. enhances digital public infrastructure by offering an open-source platform.

c. focus on digital technologies and Industry 4.0.

It has become paramount for students to gain basic-level digital tools for leading transformational careers in a dynamic job market. Adding one or more digital skills to one’s resume makes recent graduates and young professionals more suitable for future work profiles.

Several educational institutions and digital brands offer certifications for students and professionals to learn a digital tool or skill. Universities are training students in digital skills to ensure students can land leading digital jobs across sectors. Enabling students with digital literacy and young professionals to upskill themselves.

What are the Different Types of Digital Skills?

Seeking to advance your career opportunities and enter the digital professional pool? Upskill yourself with some of the in-demand digital skills to become easily employable:

1. Social media management

We have multiple billions of users on social media applications today. Making social media management a critical tool to learn for students to enhance their employability skills. Social media management is the ability to comprehend the various social media applications effectively. It involves marketing across Facebook, offering engaging communication on X (formerly Twitter), building viral riveting video content, etc. The point is that each social media platform is different. Offering a dynamic and unique relationship between the influencers and brands with their followers and consumers. Each platform’s unique offering attracts a consumer base for brands to boost their community engagement. Students should learn about the various platforms, their use case for digital marketing, the tools they engage to enhance customer reach, and each platform’s potential.

2. Search engine optimizations (SEO)

SEO is a booming career option for students. They can choose a course like MBA in Digital Business from HETIC India, and master their skills in SEO marketing while also learning critical aspects of digital businesses.

SEO is a research-based strategy that plays a critical role in digital marketing. SEO professionals work with titles, URLs, backlinks, keywords, etc. They analyse the content or suggest the production of content that is relevant and rates highest in search engines. Becoming an SEO expert would offer graduates a higher chance of employability. It is a highly in-demand role across various sectors. Graduates can also specialize in Voice search optimization or vernacular search optimization.

3. Email marketing

While an old form of marketing, email content is still relevant and even more hyper-personalized today. In the digital skills toolkit, students must aim to learn about how brands use email marketing for their communication with consumers. They help to gain customer attention and send personalized and targeted ads using the help of AI and analytics segmentation.

Email marketing has significant relevance for being one of the most relevant ways to communicate with the consumer directly. People may change their social media accounts, but their email addresses are not prone to frequent change. They offer brands the power to connect with users daily. Students can learn from the use case of newsletters from Indian brands like Cosmix,, and Groww. These brands are successfully leading consumer engagement with their email marketing. Students can start this journey by learning some basic email marketing tools like Mailerlite or Mailchimp.

4. Content marketing/ copywriting

Content is around us everywhere. The more we are digitally connected via social and mobile applications, newsletters and emails, e-commerce or social commerce, the more content we are consuming. And most of this content is written. The voiceover in videos is also a copy written by content experts to capture your attention.

Written content is one of the key aspects of digital marketing. Content can vary, such as long-form in the form of blog posts, listicles, etc, or short-form content like social media captions, synopsis of workshops, etc.

Content marketing and copywriting can also be part of videos, podcasts, infographics, and more. Marketing teams spend considerable time optimizing their content working with SEO experts to maximize their reach.

It is indeed a critical aspect to drive brand awareness, build knowledge, and offer insights for competitive advantage. Students should aim to learn the importance of generating keyword specific content, research evolving consumer segments and harness the power of words to capture the attention of the audience.

5. Mobile Marketing

The hyper-connectivity via mobile phones offers many work opportunities for digital business students. Learning mobile marketing offers students a career edge.

Mobile marketing is about optimizing a brand’s presence on a user’s smartphone. Our mobile phones are multi-channel online platforms today. Marketing efforts are via email, SMS, MMS, mobile banner ads, proximity marketing, push notifications, etc. It’s the most effective form of marketing today making use of modern-day cutting-edge technology. Offering marketing ways to push their ads and campaigns based on an individual’s location. Students will learn interesting facts about location services and how they are a critical part of digital business strategy.

6. Data Analytics

Learning data analytics for students is another component of building a successful career. Data Analytics is all about data-driven decisions. In the digital business and marketing world, this means students will learn to measure investment and its ROI. It will involve learning what sort of data gets collected, how it is measured, and how this harnessed data helps to improve outreach campaigns.

7. Google AdWords

One of the most used digital tools today is Google AdWords. A skill that sure gives you an edge and preference in the digital business world. Students must learn the key elements of Google AdWords. A high-demand digital marketing tool, it helps students to learn about the ad world on Google. Digital promotion of content, brands, or websites is the prime objective of using Google AdWorks. This is done using certain keywords to generate substantial leads.

Most of these skills are interrelated, for instance, SEO experts work in tandem with content marketing experts to build optimized content. Email marketing professionals work closely with the data analytics team to segment customers and build targeted content. Becoming adept in using one or more of these digital skills will bring an edge to a student’s profile. Making them attractive to active recruiters.

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