Refashioning customer interactions with chatbots

Have you visited a website and had a conversation with their own chatbot to help you answer your order pr product-based queries?
We have all experienced this on multiple websites and as more organizations continue to automate their customer services with the help of chatbots and AI intuitive software programmes – the more disruptive is the market sector for customer interactions.

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Chatbots have been gaining popularity over the past decade, but nothing like the pandemic pushing digital transformation and automation to reduce costs and enable customers to self-serve with the help of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). They are answering the basic questions and requests for customers on behalf of the brand. These chatbots are now on various messaging services like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Slack etc. They are the middlemen today between helping customers decide if the information offered by the bot is sufficient or would they like an interaction directly with the human agent. A chatbot can help answer questions like:

– What is the status of my order?
– What is the return/ refund policy?
– Are there are discounts/ offers ongoing on the website?

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Let’s understand how chatbots are aiding the brands in different ways:

A. Social media engagement

Today chatbots are here to improve engagement on social media platforms and provide an instant response to the customers queries further providing them with personalized content recommendations that lead to an enhanced user experience.

B. Product recommendations

What else you ask the chatbots can do?
They can provide personalized product recommendation.
When chatbots are highly trained, they can analyse a customer’s browsing and purchasing history to form an analysis of their likes and preference and offer them custom product suggestions.

This helps brands to enhance their overall brand visibility or a specific product visibility to the right audience and increase sales and revenue.

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C. Surveys

Chatbots are used to conduct surveys that aim to gather feedback, opinions and suggestions from users and potential customers. Brands make use of this data to improve products, services and to enhance the overall customer experience.

D. Resolving payment and bill related issues

Chatbots assist brands to resolve billing and payment issues like account setup, billing inquiries, payment processing, checking on dues and last date of payment.

E. Lead Generation

Its true! Chatbots are the new best friends for businesses that can assist them in lead generation by capturing the customer information and qualifying leads for the brand. They engage with customers and provide them with personalized recommendations, basis their search history and preference. Most chatbots ask customers for their contact information that helps them to qualify these customers as potential leads.

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F. Cross- selling

When chatbots can reduce response time and gather leads, they are also assisting in cross-selling by recommending complementary products to customers. With their internal analysis of user search history, they can offer customer an alternate option should a product they seek may be already sold out.

G. Valuable data collection and insights

When chatbots gather customer information, they are making a bank of data that has notes on customer behaviour, preferences, and opinions. This data is then used by the brands to optimize their marketing efforts. Further on, chatbots can track customer interactions, identify common pain points and patterns to provide businesses valuable feedback to improve their products.
In this way, chatbots are helping with data-driven decisions with a customer-centric strategy.

Bots are trained basis the complexity of the queries or questions raised by the users or customers and have become a highly efficient resource for brands. Chatbots have revolutionized social media engagement with customers by offering instant responses to customer queries, resolving common issues, handling multiple queries at the same time, and reducing response time to improve customer satisfaction. As the technology keeps evolving, we are bound to see AI and ML grow further to make Chatbots more sophisticated, capable, intelligent, and effective tool in the customer experience and management sector.

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