The Rising Need for Digital Business Professionals

The boom of emerging technologies has added a new layer of demand in the digital marketing segment. The digital marketing job segment has skyrocketing needs for specialists today.

A report from The McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) says that the digital marketing industry has more potential to unlock 60-65 million new jobs by 2025.
A Simplilearn article states that – In 2025, it is anticipated that the market for SEO services would grow to $83.7 billion.

These growing figures offer us insights into the widespread growth of the digital marketing world waiting for digital professionals and marketing experts to lead it. Digitization has left no industry untouched. Artificial Intelligence empowers digital marketers with powerful tools. Allowing digital marketers to focus on core areas to turn their leads into sales.

In our dynamic business landscape today, digital marketing is an essential realm for businesses to grow globally. Digital marketing helps businesses to understand market demand, navigate industry trends, and evolve with business needs.

Let’s understand the factors accelerating the rising need for digital marketing professionals:

1. Tech advancements

The rapid growth and adoption of emerging technologies has pushed business to have an online presence. This presence then requires a marketing outreach via digital marketing. Driving the need for specialized marketing professionals who have earned a skillset to leverage digital tools for building highly effective marketing strategies.

2. Data-driven strategic decisions

Businesses are now taking data as a prime factor to make strategic decisions in areas of marketing. Using data analytics, AI, and ML for targeted marketing campaigns offers them historical data analysis, comparison, and comprehension of what works for what target group. This raises the demand for professionals who can interpret the data and leverage it into leads and sales.

3. New marketing channels- Social media platforms

As technology advances, many new platforms have emerged in digital and social marketing. Clubhouse, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and many other niche social media networks are booming with their user numbers. Becoming prime hot spots for marketers to widen their marketing efforts. Requiring expertise to lead the diverse channels with effective brand communication.

4. Change in consumer preferences

The evolution of consumer behaviour has a deep impact on the rise of digital marketing professionals. The global pandemic saw an increase in users’ online shopping, usage of social media, and need for digital content consumption. This prompted business to intensify their efforts to reach their audience via digital marketing.

What is the Role of the Education Sector in Building Digital Talent?

The education sector plays a pivotal role in developing and honing industry talent. To align with the surge in the digital marketing professional demand, many institutions today offer cutting-edge programmes in digital marketing. Several institutions offer niche learning programmes customized to the industry’s needs. Here are highlights of the programmes many institutions offer to align with industry needs:

a. Industry-powered programmes

This means designing educational modules and programmes aligned and in collaboration with industry experts. An industry leader offers their expertise with real-world case studies, workshops, and live project integration along with co-teaching. Students gain access to exclusive mentorship, internships, networking opportunities, and a direct understanding of industry trends.

b. Industry Intervention

Educational institutions are aligning their curriculums with industry demands by fostering a culture of networking in classrooms. These industry interventions can range from masterclasses, guest lectures, workshops, industry visits and educational trips, joint research projects, advisory boards, etc. It helps the students to build their network, learn from the experts, and align with industry practices.

c. Tech integration

The rapid advancement in technology is being embraced positively by many educational institutions today. They are incorporating emerging technology learning in partnerships with many business leaders. Design institutions are adopting AR/VR, and data science courses are adopting AI, ML, blockchain, IoT among others, and so on. Aiding students to gain practical exposure to these technologies, learning the ins and outs to specialize in their marketing strategies.

d. Global immersion

Several institutions are offering students programmes with global exposure. In the form of study visits, exchange programmes, international faculty, and more. This immersion fosters unique opportunities for students to understand diverse cultures, markets, and business practices. Building a global mindset to work on marketing strategies for global audiences.

MBA in Digital Business @ Hetic Digital Business School, Bengaluru

Educational institutions are offering digital courses in bachelor’s, master’s, and short-term certification programmes. For instance, Hetic Digital School in Bangalore focuses on offering cutting-edge education in digital business. Their programme offers students a dynamic environment to learn data analytics, digital marketing strategies, and emerging technologies. Empowering students with the latest digital tools to navigate complex digital work effectively. Hetic, Bengaluru, also pays emphasis on:

  1. a. Applied learning with practical and live industry projects
  2. b. Global immersion with international faculty, study visits, and more.
  3. c. Industry immersion and Internships.

Hetic students graduate with a comprehensive understanding of technology, consumer behaviour, analytics, and strategic planning. The digital school offers a holistic approach to digital business that amalgamates business concepts with digital advancements. Students graduate with a dynamic skill set and are ready to navigate the digital marketing realm.

Future Trends and Opportunities

As the digital market segment is evolving and advancing, a focused approach on integrating technologies like AI, AR/VR/MR and other immersive experiences will be dominating the segment. Experts who can navigate digital marketing in the 3D world and Metaverse will be in high demand.

– AI will be used to transform how businesses understand and revolutionize customer engagement. Offering tailored experiences based on consumer behaviour data.

– AR/ VR /MR are here to transform the immersive experiences for users. Targeting users with immersive ads will gain more traction. These ads will offer users more interaction and engagement. Becoming a core focus for digital marketers.

– Sustainability and ethical marketing are on the rise. These practices will become strong catalysts as new government policies and frameworks are laid for false and misleading campaigns. Consumers have been noted to react positively to social impact campaigns. And brands are here to take the lead on it.

– Collaborative approach: The partnership between influencers and brands and the B2B partnerships like in entertainment and marketing will be key ingredients to successful campaigns. This will require specialized skills from digital marketers like interactive storytelling campaigns, livestream shopping, gamification etc to reach their niche audience.

We can understand the future scope of digital marketing comes packed with technology, evolving consumer needs, and ethical practices becoming the norm. Businesses will be investing in professionals with an expert skillset who comes with a dynamic approach.

List of Latest in-demand Jobs in the Digital Marketing Segment

Here are the rising in-demand jobs in the digital market segment that one can specialize in for a successful career path:

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Social media Marketing
  3. Influencer Marketing
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Content Marketing
  6. SEO Specialist
  7. Voice SEO Specialist
  8. Data Analysts
  9. Chatbot Specialists
  10. Tech marketing Specialists (AI, ML, AR/VR)
  11. Video Marketing
  12. Mobile Marketing

and more.

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