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Top 10 hashtags for digital professionals

A hashtag is a word or phrase that is preceded by the pound symbol or the hash sign. On social media, hashtag indicates that certain content attached to it relates to a specific topic or a category. Hashtags help make content easily discoverable on platform searches and reach target people. Also Read: Systematic Review On Blockchain Adoption…

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Blockchain Adoption in banking

 Systematic  review on blockchain adoption in banking- Chapter 2

In Gandhi, Rupali, et. al (2019), a comparison of the current banking system and the proposed system based on the blockchain technology was carried on to study the feasibility of blockchain technology in the banking system. The real time execution of the banking based on blockchain is to be studied further and remains a challenge…

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Role of Behavioral Science in Digital Space

Role of behavioural science in digital space for impactful branding

Behavioural Science influences our decision-making on everything right from visual design to messaging and technology. It is an umbrella term given to a wide number of fields that study how human behavior impacts a person’s thoughts and decisions. While there are many ways through which brands use behavioral science to understand their audience, online surveys…

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Digital Footprint

Ways to minimize your digital footprint for data privacy

Have you ever been conscious about the fact that you could be tracked by hackers or your precious data could be misused for someone else selfish gain? When remembering everything you’ve ever done online & erasing yourself entirely from the internet is near impossible, you can definitely minimize your track records/ digital footprint on the…

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Big data CRM Tools

Top 10 Big data CRM tools for boosting business sales

Customer Relationship Management also known as CRM can be defined as an organized approach for developing, managing and maintaining profitable relationship between an organization and its customers. CRM basically provides a central pool that ensures simplicity, security, and scaling of customer interactions. Big-data customer relationship management is the integration of big data into an organization’s…

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10 Effective free modern fonts

10 Effective modern fonts for impactful communication

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Blockchain adoption in banking


The blockchain is one of the world’s leading and disruptive technology for digital assets. We are using new technology to build a better financial system. The term “Blockchain Technology” typically refers to the clear, trusted, the in public accessible ledger that allows us to securely transfer the possession of unit’s important exploitation public key encryption…

Hybrid workplace model

Hybrid Workplace Model : Pros & Cons

Considering the severity of Covid19 pandemic, Hybrid work model is expected to be a new normal, going forward. To make a successful back-to-work transition, it is crucial for organizations to know the pros and cons of this model. Before going further, let us know what a hybrid workplace model is. Also Read: Robots: Evolution Of…

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Hetic India

Role of AR/VR in transforming education

Augmented reality aka AR and Virtual Reality aka VR can add real value to the learning process.  In the last decade, these extended reality technologies have created ripples in the education sector. With the help of AR/VR, it has become possible for students as well as teachers to visualize concepts and adapt to new skills…

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Acing a data science interview

Acing a data science interview

If you are preparing for an upcoming data science interview or wondering how to prepare for one, this data science interview preparation guide will be of your help. A data scientist is an expert, who gathers and analyzes structured aa well as unstructured data for organizations. Data scientists are also called data wranglers. They process,…

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