Digital Marketing

Role of Digital Marketing in transforming the Music Industry

The growing power of tech in every nook and corner of our lives has completely changed the way we engage and experience music. The same applies for the music industry, their interaction with how they reach their audiences has evolved over the decades, and especially more rapidly within the past few years. Digitalization of music…

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Data Science

How Data Science optimizes Digital marketing? A recipe for success. 

  The past decade of emerging technologies has evolved the way we think of marketing and data collection. Innovative disruption all across sectors is widely based on data and its analysis to reach the potential customer base. Changing global markets, pandemic and wars have all heavily relied on data analytics for taking crucial decisions regarding…

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5 Shows On OTT

5 shows on OTT exploring the magnetic world of Tech

Did you know the internet is more than 30 year old? Over these 3 decades our lives have been revolutionized with technology. Emerging technologies and wide spread digital and social media have inspired the entertainment sector to produce thrillers, dystopian storylines and documentaries. These movies, shows or documentaries reflect how tech has impacted our daily…

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Digital Transformation

Brands leading Digital Transformation

Brands leading Digital Transformation  Embracing digitalization and adopting the latest of the technology advancements is exactly what Digital Transformation is about. Also known as DX or DT, it is the process of incorporating the latest IT trends into all areas of business resulting in creating new business processes, culture, customer experiences, new venues of profit…

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Metaverse: What it means for businesses?

What is Metaverse? Meta Universe or better known as Metaverse is a futuristic vision of the internet. In simple words it is a comprehensive reality that is an amalgamation of augmented and virtual reality. It has been loosely defined by many experts, however, the best way to understand is that it is an extensive world…

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Digitally personalizing the brand experience

Consumers and organizations alike are discovering products and services through digital channels more significantly than ever before. They are introduced to the company and its consequences, make online purchases, receive online support, and make additional after-sale purchases via digital channels. However, far too few businesses have properly reconfigured themselves to react to these digital-first clients….

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Digital Transformation in the post COVID era

Digital technology is at the heart of today’s economic growth discussion.   While COVID-19 is undoubtedly accelerating the adoption of new technology, technical improvements have already altered the world over the last two decades, from living standards to the nature of our employment. Fears about robot-induced unemployment are on the rise, as robots and artificial intelligence…

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Digital Business Skills That Are In Vogue

Digital business skills, which were once considered a niche skillset, are now considered a professional requirement. Digital technologies are now part of everyday life and are being ingrained in corporate culture. It is critical for a company’s success to have a workforce that understands how to use them effectively. But, in the next years, what…

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5 Marketing Tools That Every New Business Must Have

Digital marketing tools are helping small companies to become more coordinated, control their budgets, support customer service and even win new business. Companies that choose not to implement technology will likely be left in the dust. Today‘s small companies depend heavily on digital tools. From working internally to securing their properties to engaging with clients,…

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Nagesh PM Guest Talk Image

Guest Talk: Digital Marketing for Global Businesses

Date: August 22, 2020 Nagesh PM is a Dubai-based marketing professional with expertise in social media, website development, email campaigns, display ads, and content creation. He has effectively managed digital assets for one of India’s top three IT companies and ensured good revenue growth. He has also successfully created and launched two new business verticals…

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