Top career opportunities in digital business

Automation is leading the global markets to expand the profiles they seek to hire. From IT, Data Science, Medicine, Sales and other sectors, everyone is building new capacities that require fresh and enhanced learning for students to fill in the jobs. With Hetic digital business school, both your creative and analytical mind will grow. The pedagogy at Hetic for BMS Digital Business will help you learn the top industry trends in technology, their application in various business models while also learning about design and administrative modules that will make you one of the most desirable candidates for the future jobs in digital businesses.

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Some of the career opportunities beyond Digital marketing experts, content management and web developers for students in digital business courses are:

Computer Systems Analyst

Post studying a business computer system and design solutions, a student is ready to help the organization use technology in a more effective manner.

In this position both your business and technology skills will come in handy. You will analyze infrastructure, work on improving existing architecture, testing new systems, determine the role of IT in a business and few more aspects. More the organizations leverage technology, the more this profile is bound to become a popular one.

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AR-VR Content creator

AR/VR is one of the fastest growing technologies in high demand, especially with Metaverse around the corner. These technologies offer an immersive experience to the user and bring them closer to new experiences globally from the comfort of their homes.

AR/VR marketing adaptation in brands will require content managers and creators to develop VR based content rather quickly and promptly. Marketers need to be ready to create this content with experts that understand how the AR/VR platform works. These skills will be vital to get an early kickstart in your career.

Voice Assistants: SEO Specialist

With the increasing number of people using voice assistants, especially the new generation, a specialist profile for SEO Specialist for Voice Assistant is gaining more demand. With Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana and Bixby among others offering this service to millions across the globe, an SEO specialist will help their brand/ business getting suggested over these voice searches. Their job here gets further skilled and complicated since only top slots over SEO get picked by the voice assistants. They need to manage that their brands are at top ranks for search engines so voice assistants can pick it up to tell the users.

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Digital Marketing Automation expert

This is all about using and working with AI based software’s to help you automate your digital marketing activities. AI is the core of data analysis, strategy and management today. Many tasks that are repetitive in nature will get automated by brands, these can be activities such as email marketing, social media marketing tasks and even certain portions of ad campaigns.

Digital marketers who are skilled in these tasks and have upskilled themselves with AI based technology and solutions offerings will be able to command a higher pay package as per experts.

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Paid Media Specialist

This person needs both an analytical mind and a creative mind. With over 50% of the marketing budgets allocated to digital spending’s in our time, this job title is bound to grow bigger with metaverse.

As a paid media specialist one will be responsible to bring in traffic to a brand’s website via digital ad portals such as Facebook, Google, Instagram and eventually leading to metaverse on web 3.0. A specialist here needs to be a fast learner who can quickly identify platforms that would be best for reaching the target audience and be creative enough to know how to build unique ads to target them and get the most optimized input with greater output.

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Content Production with newer social media platforms

Instagram lately started focusing more in a reel and video first format, making a bold move and indicating how short reels and videos are going to take over the market. Videos today are a powerful tool for promotion and lead generation, especially on social media channels and brands are quick to utilize these platforms to gain more potential customers.

A content producer here will focus on video based content, engaging the audience with information, awareness or entertaining brand material on existing and newer platforms that are bound to appear as move towards metaverse and web 3.0.

Few other career opportunities will include Web Analytics Executive, Conversion Rate optimizer, Vernacular SEO executives amongst others.

If you have these skills, they are bound to come in handy in the coming decade. If you are excited by the many opportunities that can open up for you in the digital world, Hetic’s BMS in Digital Business will help you gain these crucial skills. Get more information on the course and the school here.

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