5 must-watch movies for all entrepreneurs

Movies are more than entertainment, they also offer valuable insights into various sectors, businesses, relationships, travels, and a lot more. For entrepreneurs, watching a niche genre of movies can act as a strong dose of motivation and inspiration.  It offers the entrepreneurs a deep insight and understanding of the challenges and the possible opportunities along with the triumphs and failures of the leading characters in the movies.

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Visual storytelling of successful entrepreneurs portrayed in many movies and documentaries can offer a direct connection for entrepreneurs to learn about leadership, what actions cause what reactions in business setups, and about teamwork and risk-taking. They also do offer a fresh perspective on common challenges entrepreneurs face like raising funds, building a unique team, go market strategy, expansion in global markets and more. Here are some movies that offer great insight into journey of many successful business and entrepreneurial journey:

The Social Network

This movie is a story on how Facebook began and journey of Mark Zuckerberg, played by Jesse Eisenberg. It details the launch of the social media platform that started as a connecting and networking platform at Harvard. The platform got financing from investor and friend Eduardo Saverin that brought the platform to a new life. The movie showcases how Zuckerberg was a believer in his own abilities to perform and create the platform single-handedly with his own abilities and ignored the financial requirements, the legal aspects, and other peoples emotions on his way to build the global giant.

This is reflected when he landed himself in a lawsuit over the ownership and rights of Facebook when Saverin was pushed out of the company. A drama-filled entertainer, The Social Network, is an ideal movie that also presents what happens when a firm becomes a global leader and the idea it sells and represents can also be mis-used. A great learning for how the pitfalls of any large firm can take over.

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The Founder

A must-watch for all new and existing entrepreneurs to learn about the journey of one of the world’s leading and most successful fast-food chain plus the man behind its ultra-success – Ray Kroc. Micheal Keaton plays the role of Kroc and the movie shares the story of Kroc, how he discovered a small-fast-food restaurant owned by McDonald brothers and turned into a global giant.

Learn about how crucial is innovation, agility and adapting in a business to transform it’s business model to a broader audience. The movie brings out the power of branding and marketing in building a successful business and how the leadership and strategy in the global setup can help to manage a large brand.

If you are an entrepreneur, this movie will bring to limelight the importance of persistence, how innovation is core of your business and adapting to new times brings in new business direction.


With Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs, this movie is the story of the co-founder of Apple Inc, Steve Jobs. The movie is a story of Jobs’ life from his college days to the creation of Apple Inc. and further leading to the first iPod unveiled.

Highlighting the peculiar characteristics of Jobs that made him into a global icon and influential figure in technology and entrepreneurship world. Entrepreneurs can learn about his determination to build products that have a strong sense of changing the world. From his unconventional management style to his conflict with the co-founder, Steve Wozniak, and other team members – the movie is a journey into the world of Jobs, his creativity, vision, fixation to make the best product and his leadership style.

For a business leader to the young tech CEO’s and entrepreneurs, if you are seeking to learn about the overall challenges faced by Jobs, how crucial is innovation, risk-taking and strategic thinking to build a global successful brand, this is the right movie for you. It is though-provoking and offer valuable insights into the journey of world most popular entrepreneur.

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A documentary film, Startup.com offers us a world of insight into the rise and fall of a dot.com company named GovWorks. Documenting the journey of the co-founder, Tom Herman, and Kaleil Isaza Tuzman, the movie shows the challenges of how they navigate with hurdles faced starting and scaling a tech firm during the infamous dot-com boom.

Movie showcases how each start-up founders and entrepreneurs must make personal sacrifices to achieve their goals and the emotional and mental toll it takes to raise a start-up.

A great watch for entrepreneurs to learn about the ground reality of laying the seeds of a start-up, bringing out the importance of teamwork, leadership skills and strategic planning. Managing cash flow, raising capital funds, and scaling a business – it’s all here in this movie along with a reflection on how interpersonal dynamics of working in a start-up environment impact the success or failure of a business.

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The Big Short

A light-hearted comedy-drama has a stunning ensemble cast of Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, and Brad Pitt. Based on a non-fiction book by Michael Lewis, the movie brings out a series of events leading up to the 2008 financial crisis and how the individuals who predicted the crises and collapse of the housing market.

Why should you watch it?
Well the movie highlights the importance of research, strategic thinking, foresight, and strategic planning in business setups. As an entrepreneur you must watch this movie to understand how experiences of a group of hedge fund managers were able to predict the 2008 financial crisis and capitalize on it. A great watch to learn how in-depth research and data analysis with critical thinking can offer businesses the ability to identity patterns and trends to foresee a crisis prior.

The movie is captivating and informative with a touch of humour.

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