What is chat GPT and why is it trending

A human-like AI chatbot has been the talk of social media over the past few weeks. Developed by the AI research company Open AI, Chat GPT has been now taking over the internet. The rise of chatbots and virtual help assistants over the past few years has been possible all thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and natural languages processing (NPL) – these technologies have helped the chatbots become smart and more sophisticated in their abilities to comprehend and respond to human language.

ChatGPT (Generative pre-trained transformer), is an AI language model that can generate human-like written text in many languages. Experts say that ChatGPT is based on a kind of deep-learning model that uses unsupervised learning to analyse and understand natural language patterns and generate text that is correct both ways – grammatically and contextually. Chat GPT has the backing of the likes of Elon Musk to Microsoft. This AI bot has managed to achieve a keen interest, attention and virality in just a few days’ time from its date of launch.

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Talk of the town..

Being the centre of social media memes and talk of the business community – even at World Economic Forum at Davos – this AI bot got 1 million sign up in just 5 days after its launch and growing at an exponential rate to this rate making it one of the fastest growing consumer applications. It is noted by experts that on 31 Jan 2023 – Chat GPT garnered a record of 28 million daily visits – the biggest ever for its application.

Today, we understand that people are making the best possible use of ChatGPT in various applications like chatbots, virtual assistants and text generation.

Why is it this popular?

A core reason why it is popular is also about how different the application is from all other chatbots. Chat GPT relies on machine learning algorithms that help it to analyse and understand natural language patterns which lead the application to generate responses that are more human-like and conversational in nature.

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Known to be the most powerful and indeed it is, Chat GPT is today the most powerful language processing models that is known to the humankind. It is trained on a series of mammoth data sets and can respond in a variety of languages and human conversational styles.


It helps you do your job. Yes!
How this chatbot is helping millions to person simple work tasks if why it is becoming incredibly popular. If you are in the field of researching, writing or working on journals and academic papers, want to get your job application email written or even to write you a simple code – ChatGPT is so powerful that it will help you with all of them. This itself is the reason why many people using it are in awe of its useability and how it is helping to simplify their lives.

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It is free – oh yes!
This powerful AI powered chatbot is presently free to try out and use with a simple email sign up. What Open AI as a brand is doing successfully is taking note of the conversations globally that is further helping them to improve their system and keep training the AI bot to become powerful.


It is simple to use and understand.
What Adam Conner, Vice President of Tech policy at Center for American Progress said is apt for this point – this tool is so popular simply because it is one of the first AI technologies applications that is freely available to the public, easy to comprehend and use. In his words ‘…it is made available to the public in a way that the public could understand’.

It generates an output for the human users that is standard for humans to work with and use further in their work.


It’s all about the versatility it offers.
Chat GPT is not limited to one sector, industry, or job type. Its uses are paramount to many sectors and industries. The application has a wide range of uses from customer service chatbots to language translation tools in industries like finance, e-commerce, healthcare across job profiles like marketing, sales, product managers to CEOs and CFOs.

Even for R&D – Chat GPT is known to have modelled tasks like text generation, summarizing the text, and aid in answering certain questions.

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What else?

You can tell Chat GPT to write you a resignation letter, an essay on the global climate crisis to even have conversations with it like you are chatting with your friend. It is built to interact with humans in the most human-like format possible. It is your virtual best friend.

The application does have its own limitations that must be considered too. Like there can be a potential bias in training/ feeding the data since it is fed information from various social media channels that can surely have a strong opinion and bias towards certain aspects. The information is also limited to a time before 2021 – no latest trends, happenings and events of the world will be part of the conversations.

While the use case scenarios are many, what ChatGPT can really do for us as businesses, brands and planet is yet to be discovered in its full potential – however what we can surely take away from this is how the future is already moulding its cast with the use of human-like smart and intelligent AI systems.

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