Is digital optimization the new digital transformation?

Over the past few years, digital transformation efforts have been a rather critical investment for companies across the globe. This step has been crucial for them to step into the digital-first, customer-centric era. For many brands that just began their investment in these changes, pandemic was sure one great accelerator that made the need for…

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Gen Z & Technology: The new power couple

Generation Z (Gen z) has been noted to be a powerful consumer group for technology consumption over the past decade. Not only a powerful consumer group, but they are also the future workforce. Gen Z are the people born between 1995 and 2010 and as per expert reports they are set to become the largest…

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Lead generation using AI – Future of Marketing

Struggle with the ever changing trends in marketing is a global one. It certainly is not easy to keep up with every new technological development that directly impacts marketing trends. While it is challenging, businesses do need to be aware of the latest trends and strategies in marketing along with the latest tech influencing it….

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Brand Story: Coca Cola’s people first story during digital transformation

If there is anything truly global, then one of them is definitely Coca-Cola. You can be sure to get one in the farthest corners of the world. How this global brand upped their ante a few years ago with their aggressive 5-year digital transformation journey is reflected via this article. David Godsman, Coca-Cola’s chief digital…

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Courses to choose after you 12th grade

  Thinking about shaping your career in our digitally run world? Confused with the number of options to choose from post your 12th year in school? After you have completed your 12th year at school, there are a large number of options available to you in science, commerce, arts, technology and more. In our digital…

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Social media management tool: September 2022

Social media management platforms can help you capitalize on billions of users combined across platforms – Meta, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and others. Having a cohesive social media presence allows you to speak to customers where they are at, globally. With a number of prominent platforms out there, managing multiple social media accounts can be an…

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Digital certifications that can make you job ready

Is levelling up your career in your future plans? Our highly competitive world today everyone is seeking to leave a mark of their own. To help you with this, there are certificate programs that offer a flexible, easy to afford route to learn and take your career to another level. Whether you’re looking to brush…

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5 must read books on entrepreneurship, business strategy and thinking

Whether your aim is to get that job or become an entrepreneur, there are certain books that have focused on how you can train your mind, be more alert and observative of your work  surroundings and how you can possibly control your thoughts, thinking and mind to help your career path. Also Read: What’s new…

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What’s new on Instagram in 2022 

Instagram, in 2022, is still one of the strongest and prominent players of social media applications. In late 2021, it is noted that Instagram had reached 2 billion active users worldwide. One of the key reasons why the application is still a strong player is thanks to its constant agility, growth and development that lead…

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5 movies that explored the future of technology

Movies are the ideal platform to see where human ideation and innovation can reach and for decades there are many sci-fi related films that have worked with the idea of what technologies may/ can come up. From building a high-tech world in the year of 2050 to imagining what softwares and emerging technologies can enable…

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