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Struggle with the ever changing trends in marketing is a global one. It certainly is not easy to keep up with every new technological development that directly impacts marketing trends. While it is challenging, businesses do need to be aware of the latest trends and strategies in marketing along with the latest tech influencing it. With our digital businesses taking over, digital marketing is one of the largest growing sectors, one part of this is lead generation.

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With artificial intelligence (AI) taking over how we view and work with data, lead generation using AI is an important thing that every business has a keen eye on.

Before we get into how AI technology helps in increasing your business marketing leads, let’s get a deeper understanding on what lead generation is. Lead generation is the process of creating an organic interest in your service or product to convert the curiosity into a purchase. Sales and marketing teams are always searching for leads, turning them into high quality leads. Lead generation is about building a series of customers and gaining their trust while generating curiosity about your service or product with an aim to make their curiosity into a purchase. This is a crucial method to gather information about your customers – their data and habits. The collection from leads and high-quality leads can aid businesses to educate their potential customers using marketing tactics, like email marketing.

Lead Generation Process

This process starts with the platform you want to use to generate leads. Most brands are known to use softwares to accomplish this task. With the use of AI for lead generation – leads are processed, recorded and then stored in lead generation tools to be later used in marketing campaigns. Since lead generation is also highly score based, that is, scoring leads based on the level of interest displayed in a product or the brand from a buyer, AI lead generation can help you reduce the time you need to generate leads by helping you with scoring them.

Here are a few points where AI helps you in lead generation:

– AI helps you bring in more leads from resources you already have
– AI helps you to score leads with greater efficiency
– AI can further help you get more leads.

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Existing tech supported/powered by AI:

Virtual assistants/ Chatbots

Chatbots are known to be intelligent assistants that are part of your website. Majority of us have already interacted with these chatbots as part of our overall interactions with customer support. These virtual assistants can help answer your queries, since they are programmed and fed information so that the customers can get basic questions answered without having to wait. They essentially speed up the process of helping customers at the most basic level and then analyzing the information and altering it so that it is easier for the customer support team to comprehend and assist further.

This brings us to how chatbots can generate leads that are most effective given their constant dialogue with the customers. They are essentially AI bots created to tackle customer issues and also stimulate lead generation. Chatbots not only assist customers with issues, but also encourage them to not abandon their carts, they analyze large data from multiple customers to offer useful insights and leads to the companies. By analyzing patterns of the users on the websites, the data collected and insights presented are considered rather effective in lead generation.

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Email campaigns automation

AI tech is already well known to produce quality marketing campaigns. One of these is automation of email based marketing campaigns to the people who have willingly subscribed to your brands. Every sales ideally begins with identifying a potential customers and automated emails are way of making sure a part of these potential customers turn eventually into purchasing customers

Automated emails are employed for marketing and conversions and are designed using AI-powered technology. Automated emails are generated with the help of a user’s past patterns of visiting a website and their shopping history. A fine example of this is when a customer is visiting and adding a particular item to their cart, yet not purchasing it, automated emails can help make the push from adding to cart to purchasing. Brands have automated emails designed to offer such customers discounts, coupons, one of one free and much more details of the product and company to help them make the purchase decision. The more information on a customer AI accumulates the more target and efficient the marketing email campaign becomes. Not to forget, this is another great way to build data for your potential customer and generate high-quality leads to target for conversion.

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AI tools for lead generation

Today there are many AI tools available in the market that will help you to generate leads. Here are a few to consider:

A. Drift

Drift chatbot runs on AI and assists businesses with its chat feature to reduce friction in the buying process. This bot makes optimized use of emails, videos and automated services that are smart.

Bots built using Drift are built with learning capabilities, that is, they make use of its technology to learn from conversations happening on a particular website between customers and support team. This collection of data and patterns helps the bot to answer most common and basic concerns and also presents to the businesses what a successful and profitable lead is.

B. Conversica

This one offers you an AI assistant to help you verify your leads. Any leads you have generated through the day from your website, Conversica will aid in its verification process. Helping you to immediately work on high-quality leads and not waste your time to follow-up on every single lead towards a dead end. It also allows businesses to create a duplicate sales team to ensure that all leads have an individual contact.

C. LeadCrunch

This one leverages AI predictive models to help businesses determine potential leads for B2B. It creates a unique mathematical representation of an ideal client with your data. It also offers you insights into customers you are attracting and optimizes your activities through the sales funnel.

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While tech is growing across sectors, it’s vital that businesses understand which part of it is essential to adapt and adopt in our changing times. AI lead generation is one aspect that the majority of businesses need to adopt in their daily functioning to not simply get more conversation, but also gain insightful data points on their customers that help them build more targeted marketing content for their socials, emails and events. Adoption of AI lead generation today is made easier by some of the tools already mentioned above, and many others that suit the needs of different businesses and sectors.

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