Emerging tech based environment conscious start-ups

Environment Conscious

With a global movement to focus on sustainability, building awareness around it and environmental protection, businesses have caught on to this green movement and are constantly trying to innovate as well as incorporate more sustainable practices that are environmentally conscious. With technology taking over many functions of our everyday life, especially for businesses, here is a look into some of the emerging tech based environment conscious start-ups from India:

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Banyan Nation

Founded by Manu Vajipeyajula and Rajkiran Madangopal, Banyan Nation is a waste management company that leverages tech-based solutions for collecting plastic from informal recyclers and different businesses. They are India’s first vertically integrated plastic recycling company that is pushing the use of recycled plastic to global brands rather than virgin plastic.

They have their proprietary plastic cleaning technology that converts collected plastic waste from consumers and industries into high quality granules, Better Plastic (trademarked), a high quality and performance product compared to virgin plastic. They have been also awarded for their data intelligence platform that integrates thousands of informal recyclers into their supply chain helping cities manage their waste more effectively.

This tech based environment conscious start-up got recognized in 2021 as a Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum.

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Log9 Materials

Founded by Akshay Singhal and Kartik Hajela in 2015, Log 9 Materials is a Benguluru based clean tech start-up that aims to disrupt and revolutionize the energy sector with a rather innovative solution, a zero waste and low-cost aluminum air-fuel cell. These cells are claimed by the start-ups to revolutionize the transport sector, electric mobility and clean energy sources at large.

They also developed a product named CoronoOven during the pandemic – which is essentially a disinfectant chamber and can disinfect products with materials such as e-commerce packaging, grocery items, milk packets, wallets, electronic gadgets, gloves, etc within a span of 10 mins.

The start-up has also recently raised $3.5 million as part of their Series A funding round led by Sequoia India’s scale up programme Surge and Exfinity Venture Partners.

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Founded by Abhishek Kumar in 2019, OxyGarden envisions growing soilless gardens inside living rooms. In early 2020, the brand launched their first commercial product – Forest, after a couple of years of testing and prototyping.

Forest – their first commercial product, is an IoT- enabled garden that humidifies and purifies indoor air naturally. This product helps in removing viruses, bacteria, dust particles and harmful chemical pollutants such as carbon monoxide, benzene, carbon dioxide among others – in a closed door or enclosed space.

The brand claims that their product also produces 700 liters of oxygen per day (approx) while reducing carbon emissions and maintaining a desired and optimum level of IAQ –  Indoor Air Quality.

With the help of seed funding in 2019, the brand raised $70,000 and is seeking to close its Series A funding with an estimate of close to INR 10 crore ( approx.).

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Founded by three former IIT students – Deekshit Vara Prasa, Yasa Pavan Reddy, and Vanam Saravan Krishna in 2015, AirOK produces air purifiers with a patent filter technology coined EGAPA (Efficient Granular Absorbent Particulate Arrester). With the help of this patent filter technology AirOK’s air purifiers are able to work efficiently to filter out major pollutants and gaseous substances.

They have launched a B2B product named Vistar 550 which is based on their innovative technology that helps for the industrial sector to filter our particulate matter, microbes, fungus, and gaseous substances like carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and others.

Incubated at IIT-Madras incubation cell, they received a seed funding from the incubation cell that aided them to develop and test their filter and further AirOK is known to have raised $2 million from SAR groups in their Series -A funding round in 2017. They are also known to have launched a high-quality face mask during the pandemic.


Founded by Gautam Das, Roli Gupta and Hrishikesh Deshpande ( from IIT -Bombay) in 2014, Oorjan is a Mumbai based start-up now operational in 14 states across India and has over 1000 customers.

Oorjan offers solutions to set up as well as maintain solar panels for households and businesses with a focused approach to make solar energy to the maximum number of people. Their services involve engineering, procuring solar panels, commissioning, liaising with authorities and financing.

With a seed investment from Globevestors and a few others of up to $450,000, Oorjan has been in the process of raising funds further and is working on developing solutions that will aid their customers to recycle the solar panel waste.

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Skilancer Solar

Founded by IIT Jodhpur alumni, Neeraj Kumar and Manish Kumar Das in 2017, Skilancer Solar’s main specialization is in providing permanent professional cleaning services (MCS) of solar panels at commercial parks and establishments.

The founders saw a gap in the solar industry where a large amount of water was getting wasted while cleaning the solar panels and to fight this wastage they developed a robot cleaning the solar panels as their final year project. Finding its potential from this project – the start-up was incubated at IIM-Lucknow at the beginning.

Skilancer Solar provides an autonomous robotic cleaning system that is capable of cleaning the solar panels without water or any manual intervention. Their robot is equipped with AI to analyze the weather and power generation to work effectively and efficiently.

An unknown amount of funding was raised by the start-up from Venture Catalysts in the last couple of years.

With the world quickly moving towards renewable sources of energy, technology has come to its aid and is helping many start-ups make sustainable products while addressing environmental concerns. These start-ups are here to stay and are the next big thing for their balancing nature towards economic growth as well as protecting our limited depleting natural resources.

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