Leading HealthTech startups in India

The rising Healthtech sector in India can be illustrated by the union of healthcare services and technology solutions, aiming to improve access, affordability, and quality of healthcare delivery across the country. The rise of Indian middle class has been a key factor for the increase in adoption of digital health solutions. In a country like India where we have a large population and limited healthcare infrastructure, digital health technologies are bridging the gap by offering telemedicine services, remote patient monitoring, and digital health records. These solutions are able to improve convenience, reduce travel costs and enhance the overall healthcare outcomes.

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The healthtech start-ups in India are leveraging emerging technologies like AI, ML and data analytics to develop innovative solutions. With the help of these technologies healthtech start-ups are able to enable efficient diagnosis, personalized treatment plans and use predictive analytics for disease management. The AI-powered chatbots for virtual consultants, including wearable devices for health monitoring, the Healthtech sector is revolutionizing how individuals are taking control of their health.

Let’s dive into a few brands that are leading the Healthtech sector in India:


They call themselves the consumers healthcare ‘super app’. Offering the consumers with on-demand, home delivered access to a wide range of prescription, OTC pharmaceutical, other consumers healthcare products, comprehensive diagnostic test services and teleconsultations.

The brand has:

  1. 25 million registered users (last checked on June 30, 2021, as per the brands website) and,
  2. 8 million PharmEasy orders as of FY2021.

The brand has a vision to make healthcare accessible and affordable with their user-friendly mobile application and website. Customers can now browse an extensive range of medications, wellness products all delivered at their doorstep. They also offer consultation with experienced doctors and have a strong network of partner pharmacies and stringent quality checks.

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Quality healthcare made simple is their motto and their mission is to make the quality of healthcare affordable and accessible for over a billion Indians. This leading healthtech giant believes in empowering their users with most accurate, comprehensive, and curated information on healthcare. They offer online appointment bookings and online consultation, a comprehensive online medical directory of more than one lakh doctor partners across the country. They offer users subscription-based health plans and diagnostic tests through Practo Associate Labs.

The brand today has over 30 crore patients per year and continues to build stronger healthcare systems in India with their three pillars of connect, trust and transparency.


This brand is offering Indian users a connected fitness ecosystem based on technology. Their motto is Better Tech – Better Health. Offerings users’ services from Metabolic panel test to access to elite coaches and personalized fitness plans. The brand also offers improved tools for better insights into a user’s health. They have continuous glucose monitoring, food trackers and other tools to help their users navigate with customized and best health plans.

They offer corporate wellness plans to leading Indian and global brands like Coca-Cola, MetLife, Shell, Accenture, Standard Chartered and others.

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Tata 1MG

They are on a mission to make healthcare more understandable along with accessible and affordable. Their offerings include an e-pharmacy, online consultations, lab tests and authentic information. The application offers users a hassle-free experience for allopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathic medicines, vitamins & nutrition supplements. The trusted healthcare brands deliveries across 1000+ cities in India from licensed and verified pharmacies along with their offerings of diagnostic services from certified labs and online doctor consultations.
As one of the leading healthcare brands, they have won several prestigious awards.


Heathkart is a young start-up that works on the users need in fitness and well-being. The brand promises to deliver good health to your doorstep so the users no longer need to hunt for supplements across nutrition stores. With over 200 brands and authorised vendors listed on their website, the brand guarantees authenticity. They emphasis that when a user sees their logo added to a product, they should consider the product as safe and 100% genuine.

With easy payment options, secure packaging, fast delivery, and easy return policy, they are offering delivery of protein supplements to vitamins smoothly at honest prices.

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This meteoric rise of healthcare and Healthtech start-ups in India shows how much potential is there to help improve the health care access in our country with a large population. These brands are driving healthcare innovation and economic growth. With supportive government policies, a growing start-up ecosystem and rise in investment in Indian start-ups, India is posed to become a global hub for healthcare innovation. As we move ahead with advanced technology and healthcare sector continues to adapt and adopt these technologies, we expect to see them address the critical healthcare challenges while enhancing patient outcomes and transform the healthcare landscape in the country.

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