What’s new on Instagram in 2022 

Instagram, in 2022, is still one of the strongest and prominent players of social media applications. In late 2021, it is noted that Instagram had reached 2 billion active users worldwide. One of the key reasons why the application is still a strong player is thanks to its constant agility, growth and development that lead them to keep introducing new functionalities.

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Some key changes and new additions Instagram introduced in the last one year and 2022 are:

Grid Pinning

A recent update from Instagram is to allow a user to pin their posts to the top of their profile grids. You have the flexibility to change these pins when you want. This offers you the opportunity to pin an older content on top of the grid that still has a connection with the audience, or in another way – make your older content shine.

60 second Instagram stories

You can now upload stories for up to a minute long, 60 whole seconds from just 15 seconds earlier. A very useful feature for the brand to further monetize via story ads. While Instagram allows you to advertise via your feed, with 60 second stories the outreach has only been expanded.

Instagram Reel story

Reels have been growing with a rapid pace over the social media platform ever since they first introduced them in 2020. From doubling the duration of a reel to adding new updates (like music, voiceover, doodles, text, stickers, timer and more) to now a double exposure feature that allows the user to capture a photo and then also record a video on top of it, reels have a massive popularity and reach and a trend expected to last.

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Instagram Shops and In-shop ads

Instagram’s parent company Meta has been investing heavily on building an e-commerce vertical to Facebook and Instagram. This means Facebook and Instagram shops are directly now accessible to its users from within the apps. This is allowing brands to build customized lookbooks of their products for users to browse, save, share and buy from.

With some of its new additions, it has now become possible for a user to buy/ make a purchase of a product/ service without leaving the application – applicable in the US only for now. Instagram is further testing placing ads inside the shopping area – another possible strong marketing tool for the social media giant and its arsenal in the near future.

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Creator mode on Instagram

Insta introduced the Creator mode to around 10,000 influencers on its application a while ago and has been developing this side of their business to enhance creators’ experiences. Creator mode has been able to make the difference with its account stats for creators/ influencers, simplifying messaging for the influencers and a whole new section on Instagram marketing tips for creators to use to their advantage for/ while designing new content.

Professional Dashboard

In 2021, to offer better analytics, Instagram introduced the professional dashboard. Available to all creators and businesses on Instagram with an account, some of the main tools and resources it offers are-
-Overall account performance
-Saved replies
-Instagram shopping
-Promotions and Branded Content Approvals
-Instagram Insights

Updates on Instagram Insights

While the social media application is constantly updating its features, their new update on its analytical tool gives creators and brands better insights into their accounts performance. They can now see data from 90 days ago instead of 30 or 60 days. Also offers the ability to measure the live video performance. Current insights offer stats on:

Accounts reached – an overview to brand’s profile with metrics divided by geography, gender, age, ads, content types reach and more

Accounts engaged – in this section a brand can measure its followers base dynamics with the ability to gain an insight into their demographics.

Followers insight – this section offers a brand an insight into your total following, followers base and insight into their demographics.

Content interaction – this section helps a brand on its user interactions with different types of data/ content posted along with interaction type.

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Brand new – Subscription Model

Currently under testing mode in the US, Instagram with its new feature of subscriptions is looking to help creators monetize with a recurring monthly income and offer its subscribers access to some exclusive content. While only a handful of content creators started initially, Instagram opened it a lot more since it started testing the subscription model. Under this a handful of creator are able to set a monthly price of their own choice and unlock a subscriber model that offers:

Subscriber Live: Influencers and creators can do exclusive lives to their subscribers that offer to engage more deeply with a handful of loyal audiences.

Subscriber Stories: Creators can build stories for their subscribers, content that is only visible to users who have subscribed to their accounts.

Subscriber Badges: Creators can see a subscriber badge next to comments and messages so that they are able to easily differentiate between their followers and subscribers.

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Instagram is not only helping creators make the best possible use of the application while being able to monetize from it regularly, it is also building a strong revenue model for itself that is unparalleled. In today’s digital gig economy it is one of the strongest tools for affiliate marketing work, content promotion and ads.

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